Top Three Montesano Riley Jackson Real Estate Broker’s Awarded at Recent Banquet

Riley Jackson Real Estate Top three brokers
The three first place finishers from all three Riley Jackson Real Estate office's were recently honored, including Montesano's Tracy Travers. Photo courtesy: Riley Jackson Real Estate

Riley Jackson Real Estate is a full-service brokerage located in three locations around the Pacific Northwest. The Montesano location brings together local experts in the industry to create a powerhouse team of professionals able to meet all of their clients’ specific needs. At the annual Riley Jackson banquet held in January at the Red Lion Inn, the top three sellers from each firm were awarded and thanked for their incredible year of dedication to the firm and the Grays Harbor community. The top sellers for the Montesano firm were Tracy Travers in first place, Kayci Glaefke in second place and Rex Valentine in third place.

Tracy Travers

Riley Jackson Real Estate Tracy Travers Headshot
Tracy Travers has been awarded first place in sales at the Montesano Riley Jackson Real Estate firm for the past two years. Photo courtesy: Tracy Travers

Tracy Travers is knowledgeable in the many facets of the real estate industry, having been a broker since 2002 serving communities all around Western Washington. She has worked diligently throughout the years to sell residential homes, farm land and commercial real estate properties. Tracy is passionate about her career and enjoys helping her clients get exactly what they want out of their real estate experience.

“I’d first like to mention that I work for the best designated broker in the world,” exclaims Tracy. “I wouldn’t have made the top selling broker two years in a row if it weren’t for Paul Strawn, designated managing broker at Riley Jackson, who is one of the best brokers that I have ever worked for. I think it’s awesome how he rewards us for our accomplishments with weekend trips to destinations around our beautiful state.” Tracy truly enjoys working alongside her clients to help create a relaxed environment where their dreams come true.

Kayci Glaefke

Riley Jackson Real Estate Kayci Glaefke
Kayci Glaefke received the second place honor at the annual Riley Jackson banquet held in January. Photo courtesy: Kayci Glaefke

Second place finisher, Kayci Glaefke, has been representing buyers and sellers throughout the Grays Harbor area since 2004. “My greatest reward is when my clients ask me if I can help one of their friends or family members buy or sell a home,” explains Kayci. “I believe that when you’re in sales, your reputation is only as good as your last closing, and that holds value in this industry.”

Real estate may seem rather straightforward on the outside, but each person’s wants, needs and abilities are unique to them, making each job a new adventure. “I have always had a knack for organizing all of the moving parts of this job and bringing them to fruition,” says Kayci. “Retaining ‘customers for life’ has always been my goal!”

Rex Valentine

Riley Jackson Real Estate Rex Valentine
Rex Valentine has been selling real estate for 59 years and after owning his own office, enjoys now working for Riley Jackson Riley Estate in Montesano.
Photo courtesy: Rex Valentine

The third place finisher from Montesano is Rex Valentine. Born and raised in Grays Harbor, and with an impressive 59 years of real estate experience under his belt, Rex is well versed when it comes to helping his clients realize their vision and find their ideal property. After owning his own office for many years, Rex came on board with Riley Jackson nearly five years ago. “Over the years, Riley Jackson has been a great company to work for,” states Rex. “Paul is running a fantastic business in every aspect which has resulted in a solid reputation within our community. It’s very easy to do well in your job when you work for good people who you feel confident to stand behind.”

These top three brokers help to create the professional and dedicated team at the Montesano Riley Jackson Real Estate office. By staying up-to-date with the industry’s constantly changing marketing trends, clients leave Riley Jackson feeling satisfied with their purchase and their future. For assistance in your search for the ideal real estate investment for you, or for any questions regarding getting started making a purchase, feel free to contact them at 360-753-8000 or

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