The holidays are coming, that’s inevitable. But what’s not set-in-stone is the number of items we have to purchase for them. For many families, the holidays are filled with thankful togetherness and sharing special meals together. But if you are the host house, it can also mean having to spend money to prepare for your guests. Everyone needs a seat around the table, Grandma will notice the stains in your old linens, and you are fairly certain your flatware is missing a few pieces. Purchasing all these items can really eat into your holiday budget. Instead, why not focus on the important part, the meal, and leave the rest to Celebrations, “The Party Store.”

Celebrations Harvest Table
Sharing a meal is one of the most special things we can do with those we love. Photo credit: Jerica Pender

According to the Los Angeles Times, there are 300,000 items in the average American home. Let’s sit with that for a minute – that’s if we can find a place amongst all our stuff. 300,000 items?

Where do we put it all? The New York Times Magazine reports that 1 out of every 10 Americans rents off-site storage, which is the fastest-growing segment of the commercial real estate industry, even though the average size of the American home has nearly tripled over the past 50 years.

All of the time spent buying items, schlepping them around, losing and then finding them, storing them – it all adds up. What doesn’t add up is why we do this when we don’t have to. In this modern world we live in, we are fortunate to have conveniences like event rental centers, so we don’t have to purchase those extra forks, chairs, or that chocolate fountain that seemed like a good idea at the time, but is now relegated to the attic. We can make our events great, and still save time, space, and ultimately the environment, when we opt to rent instead of buy.

Focus on the Experience

Let’s talk about Christmas. In 2016, American consumers spent one trillion dollars over the holiday season. The data is staggering, all things considered. In a world where technology is king and face-to-face interactions are growing rarer, a renewed focus on the experience itself can reinvigorate the family meal and the entire holiday season. If only we bought a few fewer things, that would easily cover the cost of setting an elevated holiday table. In a world of planned obsolesce, where things break easily and then “go away,” we can instead spend our money on things that will last, like the smiles that a beautiful holiday feast can bring.

Celebrations Winter Tablescape
Celebrations has five types of dishware that will complement any theme – from simple to elaborate. Photo credit: Jerica Pender

Just as gift giving can be an act of love, so is setting the table. At Celebrations, they have everything needed to set any table, but especially a holiday one. Store Manager, Dave Light, has been in the event rental industry for nearly two decades and he knows just what it takes to create a beautiful tablescape.

Dave’s Favorites:

  • China and Flatware – Service for 25 is hard, especially when we’re normally set-up for the standard 8 table settings. Celebrations offers 5 different styles of china to suit your tastes, from modern to classic, square to round. Dave ensures that all of his flatware styles are a proper weight, one that feels heavier and not cheaply made.
  • Linen – One of Dave’s top tips that he tells his clients, (Brides especially), is “don’t skimp on the linens.” Save money elsewhere in your budget, because the linens are what really make the table and the event. Celebrations offers over 20 different sizes and styles of linens and in almost every color imaginable.
  • Tables and Chairs – Whether your space can support a round table, or a square one, Celebrations has plenty of them. Dave says tables and chairs are the most requested holiday items, and the average holiday gathering size he sees is about 25-30 people. It is a wonderful feeling when all members of the family are able to come together over a meal, but first, we must make sure everyone has a place to sit.
  • Table Runners, Chair Ties, and Chair Covers – An easy way to add elegance to any table is by using a table runner. Suit your theme, color, texture or fabric desires by renting a different runner for different occasions. The holiday options at Celebrations are of course, merry and bright.
  • Chair ties are wide swaths of fabric that wrap around a chair back and tie in a smart bow behind. They add a touch of class, warmth and refinement, with hardly any effort. They are often paired with an entire chair cover, which envelopes the chair. Options range from a stiffer fabric to flexible spandex. No matter which option you choose, your guests will always remember the effort you put into making the holiday meal special.
  • Celebrations Chafing Dish
    Chafing dishes can make your holiday meal memorable. “Remember that one year when we ate all of our food hot…”
    Photo credit: Jerica Pender

    Chafing Dishes – There are few times a year when we need these items, but when we do, we’d better be ready! It’s nearly impossible to finish cooking all of the dishes for a big meal at the same time, and heated chafing dishes can be a meal-saver.

  • Specialty Items – Gravy boats! Sugar bowls, bread baskets, champagne fountains, chocolate fountains – all the way down to the simple bud vases; these specialty items are found in the details of the tablescape. They are items that would be great to have, but aren’t often used. Renting these items is a perfect solution.

Holiday Meals: The “Stuff” Memories are Made Of

When we bring our focus back to the holiday meal and focus more on the experience, it shines a new light on what really makes the holidays twinkle. Holiday rentals create an elegant table without breaking the budget.

Celebrations Holiday Table Flat Lay
Do something different this year. Focus on the experience of sharing a more fancy meal instead of buying linens and extra chairs. Photo credit: Jerica Pender

All it takes is a vision and a rental reservation – and the Celebrations Party and Event Rental experts can take care of the rest. Most have an idea of what they’d like their table to look like, but, if a little extra inspiration is needed, visit the Celebrations’ showroom in Lacey to see their many examples and to chat with their decor professionals, or take a look at the Celebrations website. Item reservations may be made online, and for an additional fee, your rental items can be delivered right to your home or event space. You can also follow them on the Celebrations Facebook page.

Celebrations, “The Party Store”
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