Cranberry Farmers Celebrate Harvest

Fall is prime time for the cranberry harvest in Grays Harbor County.


By Pelan Photography

This weekend, Grayland hosted the annual Cranberry Harvest Festival.  The event was well attended, with hardly any parking at the Grayland Hall as I arrived.  There were various vendors on site, selling anything from jellies and jams, salad dressings and even yard art.  Other highlights included, live music, cookoff awards and a Big Berry contest amongst the farmers.
Many volunteers help to make this event successful.  A few of them include: Leslie Eichtner, Executive Director for the Westport Grayland Chamber of Commerce and Harry Carthum, President of the Chamber of Commerce.  Other volunteers that were very instrumental in the weekend festivities included Marianne Pence and Tanya Lana who ran the awards for the “Best Cookoff” awards.
However, this annual event would not be possible without the farmers who spent countless hours in the bogs.  I had an opportunity to tour the Reichenberger bog on Saturday, October 11 and appreciate the hard work that goes in to the preparation and endless hours they endure to produce the harvest.
Thanks again to all of the volunteers, farmers and patrons who attended such an event like this and also to the sponsors and Grays Harbor Tourism.
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