Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife Announces March Razor Clam Digs

Razor clam dig
Razor clam digs have been cancelled for November 12.

Submitted by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

The WDFW has extending everyday digging through March 31, at Long Beach after marine toxin tests showed the clams are safe to eat. We have approved this extended opening due to the abundance of clams available at Long Beach. The schedule of the best low tides in March is unusual this year and they switch between P.M. tides and A.M. tides:

  • Through March 10; digging will be allowed on P.M. tides only.
  • March 11 through March 14; digging will be allowed on A.M. tides only
  • March 15 through 23; digging will be allowed on P.M. tides only
  • March 24 through March 31; digging will be allowed on A.M. tides only
  • The specific list of tides are available on our web site.

You can dig any day during these periods, however you should check tide charts before heading out, since tides of one foot or above aren’t conducive to digging.

Mocrocks will be open March 5 through March 8, 2016 with digging allowed on P.M tides only. More tentative dates have been released in our news release that can be found online here.

Copalis will not be open during this period, but is scheduled to open March 18 through 20 to coincide with the Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival.  This opening is pending final marine toxin results.

Twin Harbors beaches will not open due to levels of domoic acid that remain above the action level. (See the updated levels below.) Twin Harbors Beach  includes Westport, Grayland and North Cove.

A description of each beach and a map can be found online here.

We have placed a new video with razor clam digging tips on our web site.

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