Submitted by Grays Harbor College Foundation

Nearly $175,000 was awarded this week to 72 students who are recipients of the E.K. and Lillian F. Bishop Scholarships, earmarked for students in their third and fourth years of undergraduate degree programs, as well as those pursuing graduate degrees.

Since Grays Harbor College now offers Bachelor of Applied Science degrees in three fields, three GHC students enrolled in BAS programs qualified for Bishop scholarships as well.

The Grays Harbor College Foundation administers the Bishop Scholarships and according to the Foundation’s Executive Director Lisa J. Smith, “We hope to increase the number of GHC recipients in the years to come.”

Of the total $174,250 awarded, 8 graduate students received a total of $35,000, while the remaining $139,250 was awarded to 64 college students in their third and fourth years. Applications for Bishop Scholarships will be available online, through the GH College Foundation website in early June 2018.

Starting August 10, the GH College Foundation will be accepting applications for scholarships to be used at GHC which will be awarded mid-Fall. Visit the Grays Harbor College Foundation website for more information.


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