Submitted by Face the World Foundation

Imagine being so excited to learn about American values and culture that you leave your safe home environment and travel around the world to live with a new family? Students will arrive in the United States this month to begin the adventure of a lifetime! Won’t you join them?

Face the World Foundation exchange students
Bernardo from Brazil enjoys Halloween with his host mom. Photo courtesy: Theresa George

The Face the World Foundation is looking for volunteer families to host students for one month, five months, or ten months. There is not one perfect formula for a host family; we welcome single parents, married couples, retirees, military, LGBT, and single people. Love is the ingredient that makes a family perfect for hosting.

Here are five reasons you should consider hosting an exchange student this year:

1) Bring the world to you! If you don’t have an opportunity to travel abroad, bring a bit of that excitement to your home and school by hosting an international student.

2) You have so much to offer. Your views are valuable, and the ability to openly share ideas is what makes America so attractive to students around the world.

3) Enrich the school community. All students benefit from having a new perspective brought to the classroom. International students add tremendous value to club, team, and class experiences.

4) If you have traveled outside the U.S., find a like-minded soul in your exchange student. These students are brave, curious, and ready to grow personally and academically.

5) Open your heart and your home to a student, and gain a connection for life. The student, his or her family and friends…one exchange brings love and learning to all who are connected to the host family.

If you live in the Ocosta High School area and would like to learn more about the opportunity to host, please contact Theresa George on Facebook, or text 360-292-5595.

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