As we head into 2018, the team at GraysHarborTalk looked back over 2017 and what a great year it was! Thank you for being a part of our Grays Harbor County community – for contributing and giving back so we can share your uplifting stories. Because of you, we were able to publish more than 360 positive stories about the people, places and business in our community this past year. Continue to share your feedback, story ideas and community celebrations with us at

“Thanks for helping to bring our community together in a positive informative way.” – Barb J.

Here’s a look back at the great year we all shared together. Here’s to an even better 2018!

Top 10 Most-Loved Stories in 2017

  1. Grays Harbor Welcomes Dr. Trent Sensiba to Harbor Medical Group
  2. Searching for Sasquatch in Grays Harbor
  3. 4 Generations Later, the Canton Café is an Aberdeen Icon
  4. Ocean Shores to Westport: Remembering the El Matador Ferry
  5. Dennis Company: Changing with the Times
  6. Kylan Touch Re-Writes Aberdeen Football Record Book
  7. Seven Hidden Camping Destinations Around Grays Harbor
  8. 17-year-old Julia Poler Opens Escape Room in Montesano
  9. Business is Booming in Westport
  10. If you Think the Hoquiam Department of Licensing is for the Birds, Think Again

“I loved reading about the ferry that used to go between Ocean Shores and Westport!” – Sara A.

Top 5 Searches That Bring People to GraysHarborTalk

  1. Grays Harbor Talk
  2. Local News
  3. Ocean Shores News
  4. Things to do in Aberdeen
  5. Copalis Beach News

Writer’s Favorite Stories of 2017

This year, the GraysHarborTalk’s team of 10 freelance writers enjoyed gathering positive stories from every corner of our fair county. Although it was hard for them to choose, here are some of their favorite stories from 2017.

“I love your beautiful pics and highlights of interesting places. But I absolutely love the profiles of people and local businesses.” – Susan H.

Douglas Scott really enjoyed researching and writing about the new degree program at Grays Harbor College. He says, “It was really inspiring to see people with passion for connecting logging back to the community, but done so in a smart, friendly and renewable way. The new forestry program could be a game changer for Grays Harbor and I am excited to see where it goes.”

Dani Dooley loved working on one of our top 10 stories of the year, Business is Booming in Westport. She says, “The business owners that I met with were fun, friendly and genuinely excited to be a part of the new business environment that is emerging in Westport. Looking back on that article, I’m surprised by how many more new businesses have started up since that writing. I need to write a follow-up this spring!”

“You write about places, businesses and events that I would not have known about otherwise and give me great ideas of fun things to do.” – Sara B.

Abraham Minkler was personally impacted by his interview with Angela Burton at Coastal Harvest. He says, “She showed me how to improve the lives of those in need. I am inspired by her dedication to the mission of Coastal Harvest and her loyalty to this community. I look up to her as an example of the kind of leader I would like to be someday.”

Grant Clark, our resident sports writer, loved learning about Andy Cook creating a women’s wrestling program at Grays Harbor College. He says, “Opportunities to wrestle collegiately are thin in the Pacific Northwest – even more so for females. Coach Cook has done a tremendous job in a short period of time at Grays Harbor College.”

Social Media Connections

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2017 was a big year for us, as we expanded our communities down Southwest Washington into Clark County and acquired our first Oregon community in Clatsop County. Besides GraysHarborTalk, you can find our sister sites at WhatcomTalk, SouthSoundTalk, ThurstonTalk, LewisTalk, ClarkCountyTalk and ClatsopNews.

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