Meet the Baristas Behind your Drinks at South Bay Coffee Company

South Bay Coffee Company Jenny and Kenzi
Jenny Fisher (left) and Kenzi Adams (right) are the core of the team at South Bay Coffee Company. Photo credit: South Bay Coffee Company

Drive through coffee stands seem to be popping up all over, so what makes you chose one over the other? Is it the actual coffee, yes that’s a huge part, but for me it’s the people that keep me coming back. South Bay Coffee Company owner Stephanie Childers knows this firsthand and prides herself on hiring people with that little something special. That’s why she doesn’t just hire anyone, but instead finds the people who are going to complement each other. At the core of her team are Jenny Fisher and Kenzi Adams, who have been with her for a number of years and share her passion for great coffee.

South Bay Coffee drinks
From home made whipped cream to their signature coffee blend, South Bay Coffee Company goes the extra mile. Photo credit: South Bay Coffee Company

After working in coffee stands from Washington to Florida, Jenny says South Bay Coffee Company is one of the best places she has ever worked. “It truly is a family environment where everyone is there for each other,” she says. “Everyday is different and it’s a constant adventure. We have amazing customer service that isn’t just about handing our customers their beverages as fast as possible, but by also making connections with each of our customers.”

Whether it’s knowing their customers by name or what they like to drink, the baristas at South Bay Coffee make each and every person that comes through their window feel special. And that’s why they keep coming back. They truly enjoy what they do.

“One of the best feelings is seeing the same familiar faces every day and being able to make their day a little happier with a great cup of coffee,” Kenzi shares. “Being a daily coffee drinker myself, I understand how one cup of coffee can be your saving grace for the whole day. What sets us apart from other coffee stands is our happy customer service. All of us girls at South Bay make sure to consistently serve our coffee with a smile.”

So whether you need a delicious latte, breakfast sandwich, or maybe just a friendly smile, stop in to South Bay Coffee Company and see why they were voted Best of Twin Harbors. It’s one thing to have great products in a business, but when it’s all said and done, it’s the people who create the success.

South Bay Coffee Company is located at 019 E Wishkah St. in Aberdeen and is open every day from 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM.


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