Summit Pacific Seeks to Expand Women’s Health Services with Opening of New Wellness Center

Patient experience has always been a top priority at Summit Pacific Medical Center and with the new Wellness Center opening in January 2019, big plans are in the works. One of the focuses as a part of the new center is growing women’s health services in comprehensive ways to best benefit the local community.

Summit Pacific Dr Nicole Taylor Speaking about Natural Hormone Replacements at Ladies Night Out
Dr. Nicole Taylor Speaking about Natural Hormone Replacements at Ladies Night Out. Photo courtesy: Summit Pacific

“What we’re looking at with the Wellness Center is we recognize beyond just the services, women, we think, would appreciate the opportunity to have a holistic approach to their healthcare,” says Dr. Tammy Moore, Summit Pacific’s Chief Clinical Officer.

Summit Pacific has always had women’s health services, offering everything from primary healthcare to family planning, DEXA screening that measures bone mineral density, prenatal services, and more. Though, for the last couple of years, there have been talks of delving deeper into potential services and programs to offer, with hopes of empowering women to take charge of all aspects of their personal healthcare.

“We have ideas that we’re floating around, but we want to know what the community wants,” explains Moore. One way that SPMC connects with women to find out what those wants are, is through their annual Ladies’ Night Out workshop. Always a popular and fun event, Ladies’ Night Out provides food, prizes and speakers who touch on important health topics like breast health and cervical cancer screening, as well as questions from the audience. Ladies’ Night Out is free and open to the public, but requires a ticket for entry. This year’s event was full within days of announcing the event. Summit Pacific is excited for the Wellness Center to be complete so that they can accommodate an even larger crowd for the next Ladies’ Night Out workshop.

Women’s Health Services at Summit Pacific:

• General Gynecology
• Cancer Screening
• Clinical Breast Health Exams
• Family Planning
• Body Composition Studies
• 3D Mammography
• Ultrasound
• Osteoporosis/Joint and Bone Health
• Physical Therapy & Pelvic Floor Therapy
• Prenatal Services
• Procedures: Colposcopy, EMB Pessary

Nothing is set in stone just yet for upcoming services, but there are many ideas that may come to fruition based on what is desired by the local populace. There have been talks of offering services like self-defense and family finance classes, building programs to help women with substance abuse issues, nutrition classes, additional procedures, and much more in the future.

“We want to grow our programs that look at the holistic viewpoint of a human, not just the medical issues that we’re so good at looking at,” Moore shares. “We will strive to offer new programs that women want to help them lead healthier, more fulfilled lives.”

Summit Pacific also wants to look at ways to make sure they are hitting all the important areas around the kind of support systems that women may need in order be the healthiest that they can be. Whether it’s for things like annual exams or providing a safe place for women who have been abused.

“Much of the time in my experience as a primary care provider, women gravitate towards other women because we have shared experiences,” Moore says. “It’s about those patients wanting to be in a safe and comfortable environment.” It’s important to the staff at Summit Pacific that their patients feel safe and have a positive experience in their care. Providers strive to be mindful of how women want to receive care and what will make them feel comfortable so that any needed return visits aren’t jeopardized by previous uncomfortable experiences.

Your Feedback is Welcomed

At Summit Pacific, part of how future changes will be planned is through patient feedback. The community is always welcome to reach out with comments, suggestions, or questions. “We take all feedback with the utmost seriousness,” Moore says. “We’re always interested in approaching everything with as much compassion as possible.”

The sky is the limit when it comes to possibilities in women’s healthcare through Summit Pacific. There have even been some discussions as far as finding ways to include care along the lines of medical aesthetics, like Botox injections, that are used for several different reasons and all tie into a person’s overall mental and physical wellbeing. “We remain open to hearing what is important to our community and shaping our services around those goals,” shares Moore.

Summit Pacific Dr Tammy Moore Speaking about Womens Health Services at Ladies Night Out
Dr. Tammy Moore Speaking about Women’s Health Services at Ladies Night Out. Photo courtesy: Summit Pacific

With huge goals in mind for the upcoming years in women’s health services, Summit Pacific knows that a broad range of programs will be required to reach their vision of “building the healthiest community in the Nation.” And the staff at Summit Pacific work tirelessly to do what they can to keep growing as healthcare providers.

Summit Pacific’s vision is, “Through Summit Care, we will build the healthiest community in the Nation.” “What’s interesting about that is it’s not just rhetoric,” says Moore, “we really do want to build the healthiest community, but this isn’t done in a silo. We want to mobilize our community to be a part of that journey in every way.”

Part of the vision is offering care from providers with all kinds of different backgrounds that patients may be drawn to. An example of this is the two naturopathic physicians working at Summit Pacific who are traditionally trained and also bring in alternative approaches to caring for their patients.

For more information, visit Summit Pacific Medical Center’s website or call 360-346-2222.


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