Where To Go on a Guided Grays Harbor Ocean or River Fishing Adventure

trout fishing Aberdeen Lake

Grays Harbor County is surrounded by fishing opportunities in nearly every direction you look. From the small winding rivers to the mighty Pacific Ocean, opportunities to catch various kinds of native saltwater and freshwater fish are abundant. Read on to find out where to go on a guided Grays Harbor ocean, river or tribal land guided fishing trips.

Grays Harbor fishing trip salmon-fishing-in-grays-harbor
Take a day trip to Grays Harbor and fish the lower Quinault River with a local Tribal guide.
Photo courtesy: CC’s Guide Service

Guided Ocean Fishing

Deep sea fishing trips on the ocean can be a challenging task that only skilled fisherman familiar with local waters should try on their own. For those that don’t have the knowledge, experience, or their own boat adequate for the challenge of ocean waters, a charter fishing  trip will provide the captain, crew, boat and equipment needed to handle the rigors of an unforgettable, day-long, deep sea fishing experience. Contacting a charter fishing company to book a trip is the way to go for many anglers. These Charter Boat Fishermen have often spent their life on the water and know the tricks of the trade to help you learn the ropes and hopefully catch a king salmon, tuna or other saltwater fish.

Charter Companies in Westport

Booking a trip through a charter fishing company gives you the option to set sail on a variety of different boats. Each company oversees multiple vessels varying in size and capacity, so you are sure to find the right boat for your Grays Harbor, deep sea fishing adventure, based on size and style you need or prefer. This is especially important if you are accommodating a large group, as you don’t want to get there and not be able to fit everyone aboard.

Advantage Charters

Blue Eyes Sportfishing

Deep Sea Charters

Gold Rush Charters

Grays Harbor fishing trip fishing-poles-on-charter-boat-Westport
Charter fishing on the Pacific Ocean is the ultimate Pacific Northwest day trip experience. Photo credit: Kelsey Norvell

High Life Charter Fishing

Ms Magoo Sportfishing

Ocean Sportfishing

Westport Charters

Small Boat Ocean Fishing Operations

These small boat, ocean fishing operations are independently run by the owners and not overseen by a charter fishing company. They are a great choice for those looking for a smaller boat and perhaps a more relaxed atmosphere during their Grays Harbor fishing trip.

Far Corners Adventure

Offshore Northwest

CCO Sportfishing

Anglers Edge Sportfishing

TailWalker Fisheries

Contact the Westport/Grayland Chamber of Commerce for more information on ocean fishing guides and charters at 360-268-9422.

Guided River Fishing

Many people associate fishing in Grays Harbor with the ocean, but the county also boasts hundreds of miles of rivers and countless streams that can easily be fished upon for world-class salmon, steelhead and trout species. Charter ocean fishing is a wild, adventurous activity, but it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Luckily, the nonprofit organization, Grays Harbor Guides Association has a compiled list of local, licensed fishing guides that can lead you out onto the vast river systems of Grays Harbor and have you fishing in no time.

Guided Quinault Fishing

The knowledgeable Quinault Tribal and non-tribal fishing guides offer an unforgettable experience for guided fishing trips in Grays Harbor year-round.

Fishing on the lower Quinault River in the Olympic National Park and Forest requires visitors to be accompanied by a guide, making booking in advance a requirement. While on the Quinault River, expect to reel in steelhead, salmon and trout that are known to often break records in this exclusive, pristine area.  Fishing trips can be customized to meet your needs and group sizes. Inquire with your guide about what gear you should bring before your journey.

Grays Harbor fishing trip on-lower-quinault-river
Quinault Tribal Fishing Guides take visitors out for some of the best steelhead and salmon fishing Washington has to offer. Photo courtesy: CC’s Guide Service

New guides are known to establish themselves frequently, so contact the Quinault Indian Nation Tribal Center at 360-276-8215, or the Lake Quinault Lodge at 360-896-3818 for more information.

Quinault Guide Services

Clay Butler Guide Service

Assault on the Quinault

Dean Johnstone Guide Service

Bad Ash Fishing

Kamala Guide Service

Quinault Fisher King Guide Service

Letty’s Lower Quinault Guide Service

Lower Quinault Fishing Guide: Richard Obi

CC’s Guide Service
Message on Instagram

George’s Guide Service

Alaska Pacific Northwest Fishing Adventures

Rain Forest Guide Services

Fishing on Lake Quinault is also an option while visiting the Olympic Peninsula. This requires a tribal permit and knowledge of the specific rules and regulations of the area. Fishermen can catch the allotted trout limit during the summer months only. Salmon fishing on the lake is strictly prohibited. Your boat must also be registered, in order to use it on this lake. More information on Lake Quinault fishing can be found here.

For those looking to fish the waters of Grays Harbor without a guide, check out the Six Top Places to Fish in Grays Harbor. Grays Harbor’s over 100 lakes full of bass, crappie, bluegill or trout are fantastic places to drop a line and can be more straight forward to manage without a guide. Additional useful information and regional regulations can be found on the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife’s website.


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