Cranberry Road Winery was first born in 2012 out of a deep love of excellent wines and hand-crafted food. As the years have come and gone, both tragedy and triumph has touched this locally owned business in Westport.

Located on what’s fondly considered the Cranberry Coast Scenic Byway, Cranberry Road Winery was created with a vision in mind to bring a taste of worldwide cuisine and fine wines to Grays Harbor. After owner Christopher Tiffany and his family first purchased the property nearly a decade ago, buzz filled the small coastal community’s air as work began to make the space their own.

With a successful opening and first few years in business in the books, everyone involved with the venture was excited for the future, and then tragedy struck. On a late November evening in 2015, just three years after opening their doors, the Winery and Bogwater Brewery that was then located in the same building was devasted as a fierce fire broke out. Witnesses from that night were said to have heard multiple explosions shortly after the fire broke out just after 6:00 p.m. Luck was on their side as they had closed early that night and didn’t have employees or customers on site, but the total loss of the building and everything inside was devastating.

cranberry-road-winery-westport outside
After a fire in 2015, Cranberry Road Winery rebuilt a brand new building with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. Photo courtesy: Cranberry Road Winery

Fast forward to 2020, and you’d never know that the fire had ever happened. A brand new, beautiful building has been rectified on the same site, welcoming in loyal customers and visitors to the idyllic coast of Washington. The space opens up into an industrial-meets-coastal setting complete with high ceilings and an open kitchen where smells waft gradually toward hungry customers. When the weather is nice, ask for a table outside near their spacious grassy fields and gardens. Their location also is ideal for weddings as beach access is as easy as crossing the road. Plus, the Winery can serve as the perfect reception space.

As an establishment that’s dedicated to offering only the finest and freshest foods, Cranberry Road Winery has built a name for themselves as they bounced back and returned with a delicious menu, better than ever. With their thoughtfully assembled team of a talented chef and experienced kitchen and dining staff, the Winery invites guests in to try out a taste of Grays Harbor.

cranberry-road-winery-westport wine-appetizers-and-pizza
Pair a glass of locally made with with an artisan pizza at Cranberry Road Winery in Westport. Photo courtesy: Cranberry Road Winery

Using high-quality ingredients, their menu consists of a little something for everyone. Starters include everything from Brussels sprouts and cranberry apple salads, to oyster shooters and steamer clams, exhibiting the essence of the Pacific Northwest. A few of the many notable entrees available are their clam linguine in a white wine butter sauce, New York striploin, whole roasted Dungeness crab, butter chicken breast, halibut linguine and a wide array of artisan pizzas. Kids also have a few options on their smaller portion menu as well. When the meal concludes, don’t forget the dessert!

While at the Winery, it’s only appropriate to try out one of their expertly crafted wines. Using the best Washington grapes available, Cranberry Road Winery works closely with Washington vineyards to harvest and utilize their many different grapes into over a dozen wines, including chardonnay, riesling, cabernet sauvignon, zinfandel, and petit verdot, to name a few.  Winemaker Christopher’s passion is creating fantastic wines that pair with excellent food, so don’t be shy to ask for a recommendation.

Whether you’re driving the entire Cranberry Coast or just looking for a great meal, Cranberry Road Winery is a must-stop in Grays Harbor. For more information, visit the Cranberry Road Winery website, 360-268-7082 or stop by at 2858 South Forrest Street in Westport.

cranberry-road-winery-westport tasting-room
Completed in 2018, Cranberry Road Winery’s tasting room is a must-see. Photo courtesy: Cranberry Road Winery
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