Submitted by Adopt-A-Pet

Meet Lynch! He is a 70-pound, 3-year-old, Rhodesian ridgeback/Labrador mix who enjoys being around kind people. He has a medium tri-brown coat, and his face is framed by an adorable Eddie Munster widow’s peak!

Lynch is a very happy boy who likes to play in water and enjoys a good game of fetch. He is eager to make new friends and spend all day with his human(s). He also enjoys being lazy and cuddling with his humans on the couch. There has been some obedience work done in his past as he knows the commands sit, down, shake, and wait. While he has lived with a large female dog in the past dog introductions should be done carefully and over time. However, he cannot be placed in a home with small dogs as they are not his favorite. It is unknown how he would do with cats and/or any other animals, and children should be 13+, kind and dog savvy. A securely fenced yard is required to keep him safe and happy.

If you have further questions, emails are the only method of communication at this time.   We all care about the health of our two-legged caregivers and the community at large, so as a precaution we are temporarily suspending our public open hours. We are still taking email inquiries and applications, and will be in touch with you as soon as we are able. We appreciate everyone’s understanding during this difficult time! Stay Well!

Adopt-A-Pet has many great dogs and always need volunteers. To see all our current dogs, visit the Adopt-A-Pet website, our Facebook page or at the shelter on Jensen Road in Shelton. For more information, email or call 360.432.3091.

Hours of Operation: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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