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Newly released first black mermaid film donates movie tail as a permanent exhibition at the International Mermaid Museum located in Aberdeen, Washington. Two screenings will be held on June 24 and 25 and will feature special guests, director, Christine W Chen and lead actress/mermaid, Leila Annastasia Scott, who plays Erzulie.

Tilt Magazine says: “Erzulie Is a Fierce Feminist Mermaid’s Tale. Erzulie is a film made of rituals and confessions, the supernatural appearing where fear and rage intertwine. Fiercely feminist and socially conscious; it’s a horror film that honors female friendships, offers vengeance on behalf of wronged women, and reminds us to respect each other and the bodies of water we enjoy.”

About International Mermaid Museum

The International Mermaid Museum is an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to teaching ocean ecology from seashore to sea floor immersed in mermaid mythology. It is the first official mermaid museum in the world.

About Erzulie  
Suggested rating PG-13
Logline: Four best friends, bonded by trauma and seeking support, reunite at a Louisiana bayou resort and come face to face with a killer mermaid goddess.

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