Submitted by  Chehalis Basin Lead Entity

The Chehalis Basin Lead Entity is soliciting volunteers to serve on a team to review project proposals for salmon habitat restoration and protection actions around the streams and rivers that flow into the Chehalis River and Grays Harbor. The group’s vision is to see thriving salmon populations in local rivers and streams.  Projects selected by this team will be recommended for funding through the state’s Salmon Recovery Funding Board.

The Lead Entity program in Washington State was founded to encourage local involvement in identifying and evaluating community-supported salmon habitat restoration projects.  The annual project review is an important time of year and volunteers are essential to its success.

Volunteers will participate on a team of 10-12 people with expertise in salmon biology, ecology, engineering, and local knowledge of the streams and rivers of the Chehalis Basin. The team works together to understand the merits of a project to improving salmon habitat, as well as its potential for local involvement in implementation and serving as a site for community education.

According to a few past years’ volunteers:

“Working with the review team has given me a chance to connect with salmon recovery projects in the Basin and the people involved with them, both technical experts and dedicated citizens.  Even though I know the incredible amount of work that needs to be done for salmon health, I am part of a process that gets those projects moving forward. It’s an uplifting experience.”  – Sarah Watkins, Oakville

“Serving on the project review team expanded my view and understanding of the technical detail, diversity and volume of projects being completed and planned in the Chehalis Basin.  Fantastic time spent in the field!” – Bob Russell, Adna

Qualifications: Volunteers have familiarity with the streams and rivers in their local community and can represent the perspectives of others in their community. They also are able to listen to other peoples’ ideas while constructively sharing their own.

Time Commitment: Field tours of project sites are conducted over two days (April 10 and 11). The group gets together to provide feedback and evaluate the projects in May (one day, TBD). All reviewers must be able to participate in the field tours and evaluation day.

To Apply: Submit letter of interest to the Watershed Coordinator: One to two volunteers will be selected by the Lead Entity’s steering committee, the Habitat Work Group.

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