Pamper Your Pet with Grays Harbor’s Pop-Up Dog Store

Nala the Lab Pampered Pets butters in their round containers
Nala the Lab Pampered Pets, a pop-up dog store in Grays Harbor, started out with a line of all-natural butters for the paws, nose and elbows, as well as for minor scrapes. Photo courtesy: Larina Boyd

What does a registered nurse, a black lab and paw butter have in common? They are all part of Nala the Lab Pampered Pets! This fun company is a pop-up dog store in Grays Harbor featuring all natural products that are perfect for your furry friend!

Grays Harbor Dog Store Beginnings

Larina Boyd has been an animal lover her entire life. “I grew up with animals,” she shares. “I learned early on from my mom that dogs are part of our family. They are treated with the same respect.”

That love for animals stayed with her to adulthood, even if her main career involves caring for humans as a registered nurse. “As I became an adult, I appreciated even more how important of a role my dogs, and cat, play in my life,” she says.

Eight years ago, Boyd rescued a 2-year-old black Labrador retriever named Nala from a family looking to rehome her. “I met Nala at one of my nursing client’s home,” she shares. Now 10, Nala was the inspiration behind Nala the Lab Pampered Pets.

Larina Boyd with her black lab, Nala at the beach
Larina Boyd with her black lab, Nala, who was the inspiration for Nala the Lab Pampered Pets. Photo courtesy: Larina Boyd

“We want nothing but the best for them, including their health,” Boyd continues. “Being a registered nurse made me realized that not only could I provide care for my patients, but it enabled me to do research on healthy, all natural products for our fur babies.”

Boyd took this research to heart and started to create her own, all-natural product line. Her first creations were butters for dry and cracked paws, noses and elbows. She also made a Boo Boo Butter for minor scrapes and injuries, and a No H20 Wash, which is a waterless shampoo. She also created Bug Off, which is a bug repellent, and an ear cleaner.

“I purchased the hot spot spray and it worked very well for my little Maltipoo’s hotspot on her back,” shares Denise from Montesano on a Facebook review. “I could tell it felt very soothing to her and now her hair is growing back and all the redness is gone. I also purchased the nose butter for my older Cocker Spaniel and it has really helped to soften and moisturize her nose. I also purchased the ear cleaner and it has worked wonders on my Saintberdoodle’s stinky ears.  I would highly recommend these products and great service I received when buying them.”

Nala the Lab Pampered Pets products in white bottles all grouped together
Nala the Lab Pampered Pets is a pop-up dog store in Grays Harbor featuring a full line of all-natural dog products. Photo courtesy: Larina Boyd

Starting a Grays Harbor Business Over After COVD

“I created and opened Nala the Lab Pampered Pets in 2017. Unfortunately, like anyone else, had to take an almost three-year hiatus due to the COVID Pandemic, so I’m essentially starting over,” shares Boyd.

She is optimistic, however, and has already expanded her line to include all natural dog treats! “I’ve included locally-made, Washington dog treats for the holiday shows,” she explains. “I firmly believe in supporting other small businesses.”

She chose to do her business as a pop-up shop dog store in Grays Harbor, so she could work around her hours as a nurse. You can find out what events she will be out next by following Nala the Lab Pampered Pets on Facebook.

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