The Washington Center for the Performing Arts Presents Los Lobos with Gaby Moreno for a Night of Music You Won’t Want to Miss

Los Lobos is coming to the Washington Center for the Performing Arts on March 23 at 7:30 p.m. with special guest Gaby Moreno. With genre bending music by Los Lobos and Moreno’s original blend of jazz, soul and blues straight out of the 1960s, this will be a night of exceptional music. Buy your tickets for the show before it sells out!

Los Lobos performing on a dark stage
Los Lobos has been making music together for 50 years and is thrilled to celebrate with another tour. The band members will be missing their bass player on the tour, but are excited to welcome their longtime band member’s son onstage with them! Photo courtesy: The Washington Center for the Performing Arts

Los Lobos at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts

This year the band is celebrating their 50th year together and are thrilled to be touring again, especially with a return to the Pacific Northwest. “We always enjoy coming back to the Northwest and had some fun shows in the Puget Sound area over the years,” Steve says. “I had a personal connection to Olympia when my daughter went to school at Evergreen, so I am looking forward to coming back to my favorite spots like for some Batdorf and Bronson.”

In 1973, Los Lobos entered the music scene, boasting a brave new sound while capturing their Mexican heritage. Over the years, they developed their sound by incorporating elements of rock n’ roll, blues, country, and Latin music. “We aren’t easily pigeonholed outside of our Latino heritage,” shares Los Lobos Saxophonist and Keyboardist Steve Berlin. “In many respects the band never changed as we have gone off on our own way to invent something that we own and I don’t think we really sound like anybody else. What we do is unique and we take a lot of pride in that.” Los Lobos features Steve Berlin on saxophone and keyboard, David Hidalgo as singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter, Louie Perez on drums, guitar, and songwriting, Cesar Rosas as the third guitarist, and Fredo Ortiz on drums. Unfortunately, their bass player Conrad Lozano won’t be touring with the band this year, so David Hidalgo’s son Vincent Hidalgo will be taking the stage with them.

Los Lobos band standing in the desert at sunset
Los Lobos is bringing their unique and beloved sound to Downtown Olympia. From rock n’ roll and blues, the band has infused their Mexican roots into various genres to create an amazing blend of their own. Photo courtesy: The Washington Center for the Performing Arts

The hit film “La Bamba” rocketed them to stardom with their beloved covers of Ritchie Valens’ songs. The soundtrack for the movie featured many hits, with the title track becoming number one for the band. “It was surprising to say the least,” Steve recalls. “When we were working on ‘La Bamba,’ it at no time seemed like it was going to be a hit movie. It was just timed right, it was soulful, and it was the summer hit so we were it for that year. It changed everything.” Though “La Bamba” brought amazing new opportunities, the band really worked to establish their own separate sound and fanbase through their unique sound.

With such an appreciation for the local area, Los Lobos coming to Olympia will be a real treat for the community and is an evening you won’t want to miss.

Gaby Moreno Takes the Stage Alongside Los Lobos in Olympia

Gaby Moreno headshot
Gaby Moreno has pulled from various musical inspirations, taking influence from folk, R&B, and Latin music. As a modern singer-songwriter, she has found her spot in mainstream music on YouTube, ‘The Tonight Show,’ and stages all around the world alongside amazing artists. Photo courtesy: The Washington Center for the Performing Arts

Since the late 1990s, Gaby Moreno has been inspiring fans with her folksy sound and beautiful vocals. Her sound consists of a mix of blues, Latin, alternative, folk, and Americana, boasting a full sound that has stunned audiences around the world. Her music video “Fuiste Tu” has over 1 billion views on YouTube and was nominated for Record of the Year in 2012. She has toured alongside top artists in various countries and cultures, including Tracy Chapman, The Milk Carton Kids, and more. She is now touring the U.S. with Los Lobos, and their sounds complement each other well.

Gaby Moreno playing the guitar and singing on stage
Gaby Moreno inspires audiences worldwide through her incredible voice and lyrics, combining Spanish and English influences to create her own unique sound. Photo courtesy: The Washington Center for the Performing Arts

Experience Latin-Inspired Music at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts

Both Gaby Moreno and the band members of Los Lobos approach music with an open mind and free spirit, embodying various genres across albums and songs. Latin-music enthusiasts and families alike have enjoyed Gaby’s music in films and television shows, and certainly won’t want to miss the opportunity to see her live right here in Downtown Olympia. Buy your tickets and save your seat for an amazing night of sensational music!

The Washington Center for the Performing Arts
512 Washington St SE, Olympia
Box office: 360.753.8586


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