COVID-19 Call Center is the Place for Grays Harbor Residents to Ask Questions

911 should only be used for an emergency

Submitted by Grays Harbor County Public Health & Social Services

Grays Harbor Public Health and Grays Harbor 911 want to remind residents that 911 should be used when you have an emergency and need law enforcement, the fire department or EMS to respond to you.  Grays Harbor 911 should not be used to ask questions or get information concerning COVID-19.

“When you call 911 for non-emergency reasons you are impacting their ability to quickly assist people experiencing an emergency,” said Karolyn Holden, Director.  “Please do not call 911 when you have general questions regarding COVID-19. We have specific resources set up to provide information about COVID-19 to our community.”

Grays Harbor Public Health has opened a call center at 360-964-1850 to help residents of Grays Harbor get answers to questions about COVID-19.  The call center is staffed 8:30am- 4:00pm Monday through Friday. Residents can also email their questions to

If you have specific medical questions or are having symptoms that you think are related to COVID-19, contact your medical provider.  Both Grays Harbor hospitals have triage lines staffed by medical professionals.  The Grays Harbor Community Hospital nursing triage line is 360-537-5100; Summit Pacific Medical Center’s nursing triage line is 360-346-2222.

The Washington Department of Health has an information line for general information at (800) 525-0127. This phone line is staffed 6am – 10pm, seven days a week.

For local information, resources related to COVID-19, and how to contact us visit our website at

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