Submitted by Child Care Resources

The Child Care Aware of Washington Family Center has expanded its operations to serve as the statewide child care response, resource and referral hub during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Family Center, operated by Child Care Resources, will support families seeking child care, child care providers needing up to date COVID information and safety supports, as well as employers needing child care options for their workforce.  Our expanded call center can serve callers immediately and in their home languages.

The Child Care COVID Communications, Response and Referral Center:

  • connects families directly to vacant child care slots, with a specific focus on essential workers, first responders and families using child care subsidies to pay for
  • tracks child care openings and closures to ensure we have the most up to date child care openings to best match families to care – we even have the ability to accept and respond to text messages directly through the 1- 800 number so providers can text us in real time with current openings or closures.
  • helps child care programs remain open, if they so choose, and adapt their care to incorporate new safety measures, school-aged children, trauma-informed care, and other emerging

Our work with families and child care providers over the past 30 years makes us a trusted source for those who are finding themselves overwhelmingly and disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our response work is informed by regular communication and updates from state and local public health officials, the Department of Children, Youth and Families, statewide school districts and other response partners. We are here to help you. Call 800-446-1114.

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