Passionate Employees at the Aberdeen Carstars Auto Sales Build Trust Within the Community

Aberdeen Carstars Auto Sales employees, Jennifer and Manny have been working together for five years and look forward to the future of the company. Photo courtesy: Carstars Auto Sales

When looking to purchase a new car, buyers have an unlimited number of options for both local and out of town dealerships, so how do you choose where to begin your search? The answer may not be clear-cut, but working with transparent, reputable companies is an important selling factor, and Carstars Auto Sales offers just that.

Aberdeen Carstars Auto Sales General Sales Manager, Jennifer Heller proves that the car buying process can be a streamlined, enjoyable experience when working with a trustworthy company. Photo courtesy: Carstars Auto Sales

After an expansion from their original Roy location to both Aberdeen and Olympia, Carstars has always kept in mind that going the extra mile to help their customers find the perfect vehicle and financing is the way to build a successful business. The process begins with their employees scouring the region in search of the very best, pre-owned cars, RVs, trucks, SUVs, and travel trailers. A thorough multi-point inspection is completed before they consider officially acquiring the vehicle. Once everything has had an in-depth look-over, they’re then approved to enter a lot.

Carstars takes extra special care to not only obtain quality vehicles, but also make a point to include all the major brands on the market, including Honda, Hyundai, Dodge, Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, and many others. No matter what brand you’re looking to purchase, it’s worth a stop to see what’s on the lot and maybe even discover a car you wouldn’t have initially considered.

Another important aspect of any car shopping experience is who you work with. Luckily, staff at Carstars are always on hand and eager to help in a professional, stress-free manner. At the Aberdeen Carstars, General Sales Manager Jennifer Heller proves that the car buying process can be a streamlined, enjoyable experience when working with a trustworthy company. After first getting hired in August of 2015, she helped open the Roy store and continued to work for another two years before making her way to Aberdeen. “I was born and raised in Olympia and thought for sure when the Olympia store opened in 2018, that’s where I would end up,” explains Jennifer. “Here I am four years later still working in Aberdeen. This community has been so amazing to our company. They welcomed us with open arms and have continued to support us over the years.”

Part of the reason the community has been so welcoming is their team’s dedication to building trust that directly results in many referrals from customers and families continually coming back to buy new vehicles. Word has traveled in the area and is one of the reasons they’ve grown and become such a popular used car dealership in Grays Harbor. Since the Aberdeen location opened, they’ve had the honor of being named the “Best of Twin Harbors,” an honor voted on annually by community members. “This area has such a feeling of togetherness and community,” expresses Jennifer. “I love the people out here, they are down to earth, not uptight and a lot of fun to work with. I have made personal friends with some of my customers.”

Manny Rush from Carstars Auto Sales in Aberdeen enjoys working with the people of Grays Harbor, customers, and the banks in the community. Photo courtesy: Carstars Auto Sales

Another important team member at the Aberdeen Carstars is Manny Rush. With the company since June, 2016, Manny was originally hired for sales before being promoted to the sales and finance department. “I enjoy working with the people of Grays Harbor, customers, and the banks,” explains Manny. “What makes this area unique is that it’s a word-of-mouth town and you have to take care of your customers because they become more like family out here.”

“Manny and I have been working together for five years,” says Jennifer. “Carstars is a family busines, and Manny and I have become family to one another. People come in to visit us that have purchased vehicles in the past. They have come to trust us and the reputation that Manny and I have worked so hard to build.”

Carstars also has a guaranteed credit approval through credit acceptance as well as team members excited to work directly with customers to find the right financing that fits their budget and style. As for the future, Manny states how he’s excited to see them grow and expand into RV and trailer sales.

“We want to continue to be the best used car dealership in the Harbor and we want to do the same when we start selling RVs,” adds Jennifer. “The company has so much room for growth. Its family focused and I couldn’t work for a better company or be more grateful for the Harbor!”

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, stop by the Aberdeen Carstars located at 621 West Heron Street or explore their current, regularly updated selection of vehicles from the Carstars Auto Sales website.


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