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The single most important part of any college application is the essay. Admissions counselors agree that a student’s written statement is what humanizes the application, offering insight into the applicant’s personality, accomplishments, and ambitions. Yet many aspiring college and graduate students fear the essay, terrified of saying the wrong thing or leaving out crucial information. The pressure is understandable – generally a student’s first impression to a school will be through the written word.

Jessica Peyton Roberts of Aim High Writing assists aspiring college and graduate school students in navigating the entire applications process, including school and scholarship searches. Peyton Roberts emphasizes developing a mature writing voice, because, “I want to set students up for long-term success. My goal is not client retention. I use the application essay as a targeted way to teach students how to communicate effectively through the written word so that they enter university prepared to write at the college level.”

Peyton Roberts uses an individual-specific approach, accounting for a student’s interests, past academic performance, and objectives, as well as individual-learning styles. During the intake session Peyton Roberts also collects information in Aim High’s 5 School Search Factors: Location, Size, Cost, Student Interests, and Post-Graduate Opportunities. “If a student insists on a state school in an urban setting, is interested in a scholarship based on a certain skill or ethnic background, intends to major in Spanish, and plans to go on to law school – I can draw up a list of options for the student’s consideration.” From there, Peyton Roberts fine-tunes the list, so the student saves time and money by only applying the schools they are serious about, as well as having a realistic chance of being accepted to.

And the student is expected to participate fully in the process. “This is guided collaboration,” Peyton Roberts explains. “Aim High’s student clients are considered adults because that is how they will be viewed in a college setting. It’s important for students to feel in control of their college selection process, since ultimately you want them to be invested in their own success at whatever institution they end up.” Moreover, Aim High’s strategy is to teach students how to research their options, so that in the coming years they feel confident pursuing future scholarships, internships, and graduate programs solo.

Aim High places high value on accessibility, offering to work with a student regardless of location. Sessions can be done in person, by phone, or over Skype, and regular correspondence is conducted via email. Students can schedule sessions from 6 am to 10 pm PST, and can expect a 24 hour turn-around with paper reviews.

Peyton Roberts also offers a Peer Partners program, for her clients to connect with students currently attending the schools they are interested in applying to. Explaining Aim High’s approach, Peyton Roberts says, “It’s a system, but one that I designed to adapt to and evolve with the student. The utmost goal is to leave my client as someone who understands how to advocate for him or herself in the college environment, both in writing and through their actions.”

Aim High Writing is still accepting clients for the 2013 application process. You can contact Jessica Peyton Roberts at to discuss if your student is a good candidate for Aim High.


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