Grays Harbor College Purchases New Fish Lab Equipment

Grays Harbor College Fish Lab
Fish Lab volunteers check out the trout behavior during a water change with the underwater viewers. Photo credit: Amanda Gunn

Submitted by Grays Harbor College

The Grays Harbor College Foundation recently helped the College’s Fish Lab program purchase new monitoring and viewing equipment, using funds from the John and Joyce Smith Model Watershed Endowment.

Grays Harbor College Fish Lab
Several of the regular K12 Fish Lab volunteers were able to observe sculpin in Alder Creek without the need for netting, with thanks to the new underwater viewers. Photo credit: Russ Roush

Earlier this month, 1,000 young trout were transferred to the Fish Lab where they will be cared for until next Spring. In addition, coho and chum eggs will be arriving later this Fall and Fish Lab volunteers from our community are working to ready the facility. Also during November, more extensive monitoring of Alder and Fry Creeks will be underway.

Each of these projects involves utilizing the new equipment.

The group meets at 3 p.m. every Monday and Wednesday and starts at 8 a.m. Saturdays. GHC biology instructor Dr. Amanda Gunn organizes the Fish Lab projects; those interested can contact her, about volunteer opportunities.

To further support the work of the GHC Fish Lab in our community or to provide financial support for other GHC programs, please contact Lisa J. Smith, Executive Director of the Grays Harbor College Foundation, (360) 538-4243.

Learn more about the Grays Harbor College’s Fish Lab, read this article.

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