The 2018 edition of the Grays Harbor County Fair will be your ”Ticket to Fun” starting this August 8 and running through the August 12.
The fairgrounds staff and volunteers have been working hard to deliver some highly anticipated improvements across many areas of the Fair including the grounds, buildings and concessions.
One such area is the Master Gardener’s Area. Cindy Burton is the Fair Superintendent for the Master Gardener’s Area and was selected to be the 2019 Fair Dedication Honoree, for her tireless work and dedication to the garden. That means this year’s County fair is dedicated to her and she will be honored at opening ceremonies, on Wednesday, August 8th.
The Grays Harbor County Fair hopes you’ll join them in honoring Cindy and her hard work and let them show you some of that good old-fashioned Grays Harbor hospitality.
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