Orthopedic specialists focus on all the things that keep us moving. Bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles that allow us to work, play, relax and live our lives. Harbor Regional Health’s orthopedic clinic is staffed by caring providers and staff who provide top quality services that let you get back to life and enjoy what makes it truly enjoyable. Don’t let pain, stiffness, illness or injury put hobbies, sports and daily chores on the backburner.

Harbor Regional Health-orthopedic-clinic-Aberdeen
Harbor Regional Health’s Aberdeen orthopedic clinic cares for your bones, joints and unseen moving parts. Photo courtesy: Harbor Regional Health

Practice Manager Tonya Tisdale has worked with the clinic for 13 years. She is proud of their low-turnover rate “which shows that the support staff is committed to the welfare of our community. They are very team oriented and work closely with the providers to assure the best care possible.”

Tisdale explains that they see patients with anything from a fractured bone to joint pain to sports injuries. “Orthopedics is a needed specialty in our community,” she explains. “If you have an accident, we have 24/7 orthopedic coverage.”

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. John Bellatti agrees that their specialty is crucial because “across the nation, musculoskeletal problems constitute about 20% of what people see doctors for in general. There is really a lot to know about these types of problems, many need specialty care for the complex decisions and procedures needed.”

Harbor Regional Health-orthopedics-Dr-Bellatti
For Dr. John Bellatti, treating patient needs is a fulfilling and rewarding career. Photo courtesy: Harbor Regional Health

But even with that steep learning curve and varied challenges, “I have always enjoyed coming in to work in this clinic,” says Bellatti. “The patients have real needs we can treat, and I think we do pretty well providing care for these.”

Dr. Arpun Bajwa is another of the clinic’s orthopedic surgeons but primarily specializes in sports medicine. She moved to the area last November and considers herself: “so lucky to call this place my home! The staff and my fellow colleagues are absolutely wonderful people that I have learned to call family.”

“Orthopedic surgery is a service that should be provided at most community hospitals,” says Bajwa. “The number one concern of the majority of patients walking into the emergency department is pain related to musculoskeletal concerns and it’s important for the emergency department providers here in Aberdeen to have orthopedic services to refer these patients onto or even get advice on treatment.”

Harbor Regional Health-orthopedics-Breanne-Murray
Physician Associate Breanne Murray has a varied, hands-on role throughout the clinic. Photo courtesy: Harbor Regional Health

Breanne Murray is the physician associate at the clinic. Her job is unique in that she works in a variety of ways and duties vary regularly. “I am trained to see all types of patients from new consults and emergency room follow ups to post ops and rechecks,” she explains. “My role also extends past the clinic as I assist in surgeries. In the operating room, I am involved in both trauma and elective cases.”

Before coming to Grays Harbor, Murray worked as an orthopedic technician outside of Chicago. “Although, the volume of cases was higher there, the attention to care and time spent with patients is much greater on the Harbor. That is one of the many things I have come to appreciate working with the surgeons in this office.” And, she explains, “The name physician assistant recently changed to physician associate to help eliminate the misconception that we merely assist the surgeons when, in fact, we can diagnose, interpret and treat.”

As with all Harbor Regional Health’s many healthcare services, caring staff and specialized care, the orthopedic clinic puts their mission to “heal, comfort, and serve everyone with dignity and compassion” first. They partner with the community to offer treatment with respect, integrity, compassion and responsiveness. Whatever your healthcare needs, HRH can walk with you each step of the way.

Harbor Regional Health-orthopedics-Dr-Bajwa
Dr. Arpun Bajwa focuses on sports injuries and loves her new home in the Pacific Northwest. Photo courtesy: Harbor Regional Health

Whether sports injury or joint replacement, arthritis or workaday back pain, if you or someone you love needs medical help with their shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, thigh, knee, leg, ankle or foot, reach out to the orthopedic office today. You can call 360.532.3808 to schedule a visit to their Aberdeen location at 1211 Skyview Lane.

We don’t always know what’s going on beneath the surface. Our muscles, joints and bones keep us mobile…until they don’t. And when they start to ache, stiffen or are damaged through illness or injury, it impacts every aspect of daily life. Don’t let a new or ongoing issue keep you grounded. Let the orthopedic clinic’s team diagnose, treat and conquer what’s holding you back.


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