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When it comes to cardiac care, Providence Swedish has been a trusted name in the Grays Harbor community for more than 15 years. Providence is also adding vascular care at its Sumner Avenue location in Aberdeen.

Born and raised in Washington, registered diagnostic cardiac sonographer Jennifer Ferry made the move to Grays Harbor 23 years ago and has been a part of the local community ever since. Jennifer’s journey in cardiac care started at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle in 1999. She worked at the local hospital in Aberdeen for a number of years prior to accepting a position at St. Peter Hospital where she worked for two years.

Jennifer was given an opportunity to work closer to home, while her child was young, so she accepted a position with Grays Harbor Cardiovascular Imaging. After a successful 12-year stint she desired a new position with different challenges, so she returned to Providence and joined the out-patient echo department. One year later, Providence Swedish opened the satellite office in Aberdeen to provide echo services locally and Jennifer joined the team.

Jennifer Ferry. Photo courtesy: Providence Swedish

Jennifer specializes in working with adults, particularly those with hypertension, congestive heart failure, and edema issues. She commonly sees patients who have been recently diagnosed with heart murmurs, chest pain, shortness of breath, or arrhythmias, referred by their primary care physicians or specialists. Additionally, Jennifer conducts evaluations of patients with coronary heart disease to assess the structure of their heart.

What surprises her is when she’s met by patients who recognize her from previous experiences, exclaiming, “Wow, you’re back here.”

“People are grateful to have access to these services without having to drive all the way to Olympia,” she says. “And if they need different follow-up or higher-level services, we can refer them to Olympia for continuum of care services.”

What Jennifer loves most about her job is that each day brings something new and different. She thoroughly enjoys working with her patients and considers it a challenge to solve the puzzle of their cardiac conditions. The key to gathering the necessary information lies in the various ways she interacts with her patients, considering factors such as health history, text anxiety, positioning, body type and lung positioning while providing compassionate care.

As part of Providence Swedish, Jennifer’s work involves sending completed studies to the Olympia office, where they are interpreted by the reading cardiologist of the day. Results are then shared with referring physicians, who can access them via MyChart, Providence Swedish’s online patient portal. Any physician can refer patients to the Aberdeen office, not just those within Providence Swedish’s network.

Jennifer and the Providence Swedish team are dedicated to serving patients and ensuring they receive the best possible care for their cardiac conditions. So, the next time you or a loved one needs cardiac services, help may be closer than you think – right here in Grays Harbor with Providence Swedish.

For more information on cardiac services, call 360-413-8525, for vascular services call 360-493-7444.


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