Dining out with dietary restrictions can be difficult, especially if you are traveling and unfamiliar with the area. Gluten free has become a very common dietary need, whether by choice, sensitivity or because of Celiac disease. Here are some restaurants in Grays Harbor with gluten-free menu options. If you have Celiac or cannot have foods cooked on shared equipment, be sure to check with a restaurant before ordering/eating as to the specifics of how the food is prepared. In many restaurants, cross-contamination is a concern.

Lemon Hill Café

136 1st Street S, Montesano

If you are looking for a quick bite while browsing books, check out Lemon Hill Café. They have a couple of menu items they offer gluten free, including strawberry shortcake, braised farro or buckwheat groats,  and honey panna cotta with strawberry coulis. One diner loves their chocolate chip cookies!

Brunch 101

716 Simpson Avenue, Hoquiam

Everyone likes brunch, and thanks to Brunch 101, gluten-free diners can enjoy some dishes too! Of course, omelets and naturally gluten free, but Brunch 101 has some other options, like gluten-free chicken and waffles. Their special take on this must-have brunch favorite is a Thai tea waffle, fried chicken and Thai syrup!

Brunch 101 in Hoquiam has gluten-free waffles and other wonderful choices. Pictured are their Thait Tea Waffles. Photo courtesy: Brunch 101

Duffy’s Family Restaurant

1605 Simpson Avenue, Aberdeen

Duffy’s Family Restaurant in Aberdeen has gluten-free bread you can substitute for $1 on any of their sandwiches. They have a large menu with many options, including things like steak that should be naturally gluten free. Always ask their server – Duffy’s are known for being knowledgeable and polite!

Little Richard’s Donuts

2557 Westhaven Drive, Westport

One of the worst things about not being able to have gluten is missing out on donuts! Little Richard’s Donuts in Westport offers gluten-free options, and diners love them. They are soft and fluffy, says one diner, not hard and dry like many gluten-free donuts.

Little Richard’s Donuts offers gluten-free donuts in Westport. Photo courtesy: Little Richard’s Donuts

Casa Mia

2936 Simpson Avenue, Hoquiam

If you are craving pizza, try Casa Mia. They can substitute a gluten-free crust for $3. Bonus, they also have dairy-free mozzarella! With a wide choice in specialty pizzas as well as lots of toppings for create-your-own, everyone will be happy here.

Westport Winery’s Sea Glass Grill

1 S Arbor Road, Aberdeen

Westport Winery’s Sea Glass Grill has gluten-free bread on request for their sandwiches and burgers, of which there are quite a few. Try the Farmers Favorite with sliced prime rib, Swiss cheese and grilled onions or the Bacon Jam Burger with Ground sirloin burger with bacon jam, melted Swiss cheese and greens.

Oyhut Bay’s strawberry salad with arugula, sliced strawberries, red onion, chevre, toasted almonds, and Lorenzo vinaigrette can be made gluten free. Photo courtesy: Oyhut Bay

Oyhut Bay Grill

404 Salmonberry Lane SW, Ocean Shore

Oyhut Bay Grill’s expansive menu is clearly marked where items can be made gluten free. Get a gluten-free crust on their pizza, add a gluten-free bun to a burger or indulge in their gorgonzola truffle fries! They also have quite a few items, including salads and appetizers that are naturally gluten free and also labeled on the menu.

Galway Bay Irish Pub

880 Point Brown Avenue NE, Ocean Shore

If you are looking for a cozy atmosphere, live music and Irish fare, try Galway Bay Irish Pub. They can substitute gluten-free buns on their burgers for $1. Their menu includes some vegan options as well. They also have steaks, fish and lamb that may be gluten free as well, check with your server before ordering.

Finding gluten-free restaurants in Grays Harbor doesn’t have to be tough. Check out the places on this list. The Find Me Gluten Free app is also a great resource, with reviews from actual gluten-free diners.

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