The Salvation Army in Grays Harbor, WA, Transitions to Social Services Office

Submitted by The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army announces that its Grays Harbor location will transition to a social services office only, effective June 24.

Specifically, The Salvation Army will no longer offer worship services in Grays Harbor. As a Christian organization, worship services are offered at most Salvation Army locations. Social services will continue to be offered in Grays Harbor.

The decision was made after extension analysis. With more people relying on social services and limited funds to work with, transitioning to a social services office is the most effective way to direct more resources to the services where they are most needed.

“The Salvation Army is supported by generous people who expect us to make good financial decisions. That’s why we regularly review the financial performance of our locations and operation. And, when necessary, we make changes and re-align our priorities,” explained Captain Jonathan Harvey. As General Secretary of The Salvation Army in the Northwest, Captain Harvey oversees business operations of the non-profit social service agency.

Lieutenants Lincoln Hawk and Claire O’Brien-Hawk have led The Salvation Army office in Grays Harbor for the past two years. They will relocate to Fort Collins, Colorado, to run The Salvation Army office there.

The Grays Harbor office will be run by a social services employee Jennifer Chuks. Jennifer has been employed by The Salvation Army in Grays Harbor for __ years and is very familiar with the community and the people assisted there. “The Salvation Army has been serving the Grays Harbor community for nearly 125 years. We’re committed to the community and not going anywhere. In fact, we hope to expand our social services in the future,” explained Captain Harvey.

Established in 1897, The Salvation Army in Grays Harbor provides social services to families in need. Among the programs offered are emergency utility assistance, eviction prevention, food and nutrition programs, and disaster services. Last year, The Salvation Army in Grays Harbor served more than 11,295 individuals in the community.

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