Where to See Christmas Lights in Grays Harbor

Winter is a unique experience in Grays Harbor. From storm-watching to cutting down a Christmas tree from the local farms, the Pacific Ocean and mighty evergreens provide a stunning backdrop for all things merry and bright. One of the most magical aspects of the holiday season is exploring gleaming light displays. Not only do many Grays Harbor businesses put on a great show of lights each year, but residents also know how to create a winter wonderland in their very own yards. Here is where to see Christmas lights in Grays Harbor.

Central Park

Driving the Olympic Highway 12 toward Aberdeen from the eastern side of the county (or vice versa) can be harrowing in the evening time. However, commuters are rewarded with numerous displays of lights and inflatables to ring in the holidays. The feeling is especially warm and fuzzy when headed in from Hockett’s Tree Farm with a freshly cut fir tied to the roof of the car. Though the displays fly by at highway speeds, the effort from Central Park homeowners inspires residents in neighboring towns to put forth as much energy into their celebration and décor.


Christmas Lights in Grays Harbor Broadway Avenue Aberdeen Trees
Golden lights strung on trees in downtown Aberdeen lead to an historic hillside neighborhood with visible holiday spirit. Photo credit: Katie Closter

Broadway Avenue

The neighborhoods surrounding Broadway Avenue offer beautiful views year-round, but there is just something about the glow of lights on these historic homes that makes passersby want to drive through one of the very near coffee stands for a cocoa and start caroling. Leading up to the hill, trees in the downtown medians are wrapped with golden lights, seemingly to indicate the approaching beauty of nearby homes. The elevation of the hills provides a picture-perfect vista of the whole city, and all its yuletide marvels. The Aberdeen hill homes offer every style of trimmings,from minimal lights around peaks and frames to blankets of bulbs covering doors and landscaping. It is a genuinely enchanting sight.


Sumner Avenue

Hoquiam commuters are fortunate enough to encounter lights all along the main drag. Beginning on Sumner Avenue, residential and commercial décor blends together, adding a twinkle to the river when crossing the bridge on Riverside Avenue. The spectacle doesn’t end there. Hanging a left onto Emerson Avenue, the sightseeing continues all the way to Emerson Elementary School. Additionally, side streets off Emerson also catch the eye with several pockets of extravagantly designed lawns, so meandering provides a satisfying visual payoff.

Grays harbor holiday bazaar
Seabrook gets all decked out for the holidays. Photo credit: alder/creative


Newer homes with a vintage feel result in a specifically nostalgic aesthetic any time of year in Seabrook, however the holiday spirit really kicks it up a notch. Not only do Seabrook small business owners dress their storefronts to the nines, but many of the vacation and residential homes are also illuminated. This coastal community has a strong reputation for cohesion of style. Regardless of the street, all parcels are coordinated in their decorating efforts, while still maintaining the uniqueness and charm of each home. This creates a setting worthy of a holiday movie. Seabrook is also famously walkable, so a nice stroll through each neighborhood is sure to put anyone in a jolly mood.


Christmas Lights in Grays Harbor Montesano Home
A Montesano home shines bright near the Festival of Lights Parade route. Photo credit: Katie Closter

Pioneer Avenue

Montesano in December captures effortlessly the romantics of the holiday season, as host of the Festival of Lights. Every second weekend of December, the Festival is full of fun community activities including an annual parade. The anticipation of the festivities inspires residents to get into the spirit and dress up their homes to parade standards, often following the Festival’s theme. Each street in Montesano hosts beautifully lighted homes, but the parade route is a great place to start on the hunt for breathtaking décor. Take Pioneer Avenue and head down the surrounding blocks, as this route will reveal both homes and businesses illuminated to perfection. Even civic buildings participate in the advent. Most notably, the lawn of the towering courthouse is covered with gorgeous lanterns while a classic string of lights outlines the building.

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