New Briotech Products for You, Your Home and Your Pets

One way that successful businesses adapt to the changing marketplace is by creating unique products to match customer needs. For Briotech—who turns the healing and cleaning power of HOCl into sanitizers and products for skin, baby and pet wellness—they’re kicking off springtime by expanding their brick-and-mortar presence and adding plenty of new products to their online store.

photo of a man holding and kissing an infant with bottles of Briotech next to him
These new Briotech products are even safe enough for use on and around children and infants. Photo courtesy: Briotech

Hypochlorous, or HOCl, is non-hazardous and naturally created by our white blood cells. Briotech has found ways to capture its naturally gentle, healing and sanitizing properties for use in schools, medical facilities, and even elephant wound care. Their disinfecting products, for example, are food-contact safe yet still powerful enough to disinfect hospital kitchens and commercial facilities against the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) on hard, non-porous surfaces.

Briotech is currently launching 28 new products. “Our new products include both custom HOCl liquids and gels suited for individual applications, as well as a new non-HOCl Cleaner + Degreaser line that effectively promotes our move to become a zero-waste production facility,” says founder Cynthia Varela.

“By utilizing Briotech’s unique production methods to create custom HOCl solutions that target important individual uses,” Varela explains, “we are working to raise awareness of HOCl by defining its many use applications for our customers.”

Four bottles of Briotech cleaning products photographed in colored squares
Whether cleaning surfaces or for use keeping your family safe and germ-free, Briotech offers something for everyone. Photo courtesy: Briotech

These new items are available through their website and fall into the categories of cosmetic, personal care, pet care, home care, and body mod/piercing aftercare.

Personal Care

Hypochlorous products are safe for all skin types and ages, even around your eyes or abrasions. Brio’s Babies & Kids Skin Love Spray and Serum work to soothe rashes, redness, and sensitivities, and is gentle for delicate skin. Natural, vegan and ouch-free, it can be used after bathing or during diaper changes.

Other personal care products include a clean and non-toxic Hand Gel alternative, Skin Renew Toner for blemishes, Skin Renew Serum for fine lines and firming, Sun Spray and Sun Gel for discomforts associated with sunburns, and Abrasia Gel and Mist for scrapes and scratches.

Pet Care

two women, one holding a dog and one holding a hairless cat, next to Briotech cleaning bottles
Briotech is releasing several new products for use in and around the home, Including pet safe products! Photo courtesy: Briotech

We love them dearly, but our pets constantly get into everything. To combat those inevitable scrapes and cuts, stinky smells, or day-to-day wear and tear, there are five new Brio Pet Rescue formulas: Eye & Ear, Wound Aid, Oral Spritz, Skin & Coat, and Area Deodorizer.

The pet care line is designed to flush eye and ear irritations, aid burns and wounds, relieve toothaches and promote healthy gums, and soothe hot spots while freshening coats.

The Area Deodorizer works to keep your home smelling clean and is gentle enough for bedding and toys, strong enough to tackle carpets, and can be used to wash items or clean litter boxes and other pet-friendly spaces.

Home Care

For the endless Honey Do List around the house, Briotech has curated a new product for each task. The BrioHome line includes a Babies & Kids Natural Surface Cleaner for toys, tablets, and changing tables, as well as a Carpet & Fabric Cleaner + Degreaser with a light, fresh scent for spills and stains.

For outdoor use, get spring-ready with their Garden & Patio Cleaner + Degreaser or try Auto & Interior for touching up your ride. Then it’s back indoors for a few more household chores with their Kitchen & Bath Cleaner + Degreaser or their all-purpose versions available in these four fun scents: Fresh Lemon, Orange Citrus, Lavender Dream, and Mint Breeze.

Piercing Aftercare

upclose photo of a recently pierce lip stud, slightly red
Look for Briotech skincare geared towards new tattoos and piercings. Their gentle touch keeps infection away. Photo courtesy: Briotech

With great success from those in the aftercare market, the launch of this Post Mod product line has been highly anticipated. Developed with feedback from leaders in the body modification and piercing industries, this revolutionary aftercare line works to reduce redness, discomfort, and crusties, while accelerating the aftercare process. It is made available in standard Spray and Gel formats, with a high-strength 300 Gel for tough-to-manage piercings and hypertrophic scarring.

“Briotech’s proprietary production methods, fine-tuned over a decade of scientific research, are unique for their capacity to create custom HOCl liquids and gels that are most beneficial for specific applications,” says Varela. “Additionally, in our work to become a zero-waste facility, we are now utilizing the by-product of our production to create a new, non-HOCl line of powerful Cleaner + Degreaser products for home and industrial use.”

Kick off springtime with this special introductory offer from Briotech by using “TALK15” to receive a 15% discount off all online orders placed at the Briotech website  through May 22, 2022, 11:59 p.m. Whatever type of Briotech product you’re looking for, you can trust that it has been carefully crafted by an experienced team of individuals to assure the purity promise listed on every label. Find answers to the company’s Frequently Asked Questions online which are broken down by product and product type for easy searching. Contact the shop directly with questions about products, or find a store near you to browse in person. Follow Briotech on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for product launch announcements to learn more about the science behind HOCl.


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