The nonprofit International Mermaid Museum is now open in Aberdeen! If you are into mermaid mythology, than swim on over to this incredible collection of mermaid lore, deep sea creatures, diving gear and more. Located at the renowned Westport Winery and Ocean Daughter’s Distillery, there is plenty to do for the whole family, even the dog!

grays harbor community hospital logoThe mission of the nonprofit International Mermaid Museum is to “teach ocean ecology from seashore to sea floor immersed in mermaid mythology, uniting oceanic cultures.” They accomplish this by taking you on an under the sea adventure covering mermaid myth and lore from around the world. Learn about well-known merfolk, like Triton (the basis for Ariel’s father in “The Little Mermaid” and the Selkies (Celtic folklore), along with lesser-known stories, such as the Siyokoy from the Philippines.

Mixed in with the mermaid lore are other creatures of the deep that are often connected with them, such as flounders, octopi, otters, clams, and more. Do you know the story of Aphrodite or when Hans Cristian Andersen wrote the original “The Little Mermaid?” Visit this fantastical place to find out.

The floors are full of glitter, overhead mermaids “swim” and artifacts from the sea surround you. It was easy to see how much the children in the museum where enjoying the items on displays, shrieks of glee at each discovery could be heard, much like when Ariel discovered her first dinglehopper! “This is just the best place, I love mermaids,” said one little girl when asked if she was enjoying herself. And, adults of all ages were having just as much fun, learning folklore from around the world along with some interesting facts about sea creatures. For example, did you know flounders start with their eyes on each side of their body…then they move? Yeah, crazy stuff!

After checking out the museum, be sure to stop by the gift shop that has everything you could ask for to complete your mermaid collection, or to give to the mermaid fanatic in your life. Then head next door to Westport Winery, the restaurant, distillery and more! Brought your pup along? They have a dog area where you take your four-legged best friend to stretch his legs. Before leaving, be sure to get your photo out front with the mermaid by the pond!

The International Mermaid Museum will be offering free admission throughout the month of April 2021 and is open daily 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Check out this article to see the rest of the events happening the first week of April, including a mermaid egg hunt April 4!

International Mermaid Museum
1 South Arbor Road, Aberdeen

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