Adopt-A-Pet Dog of the Week: Cooper


Submitted by Adopt-A-Pet

cooperThis cute little guy is Cooper, a Pomeranian mix who has experienced some very difficult times. He is about 6 years old and very sweet in spite of suffering knee problems when he was overfed and gained way too much weight for his tiny body. Our goal is to help Cooper lose a few of those extra pounds to take pressure off his hips and knees. He is receiving a low dose aspirin daily for his knees and we are feeding him a low fat kibble to help manage his weight. Along with that, he is going on daily walks and receiving lots of cuddles and attention from everyone at Adopt-A-Pet.

As you can see, Cooper recently had his hair cut to get out large matts but when his hair all grows back, he will have a beautiful golden red coat. Cooper is anxious to find a loving owner who will shower him with loads of love and affection instead of fatty treats. Cooper is a very sweet and loving little guy who just wants an owner to love and a warm lap where he can feel loved and comfortable.

We have lots of great dogs and always need volunteers to help them. Visit our website at www.adoptapet-wa.orgor contact Adopt-A-Pet, on Jensen Road in Shelton, at or contact us at or 360-432-3091 or 360-432-3091.

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