Nearly everyone has been in a situation where you’ve asked the questions, “Do you think it’s broken? Should I go to the ER?” Whether it’s an ankle twisted on the stairs, a wrist injured on the soccer field or a finger jammed at work, medical assessment is often needed to discover the severity of the injury.  As of October 24, an alternative to the ER is now available: the Olympia Orthopaedic Associates Rapid Orthopaedic Care clinic, or the ROC.

The ROC is located just off I-5 at exit 111 in the Hawks Prairie area of Lacey. The clinic is open seven days a week serving walk-in patients. Whether your injury occurred on the sports field, on the job or at home, you’ll be seen quickly by orthopaedic experts.

Trips to the ER can be costly and time-consuming and, when the injury is musculoskeletal in nature, eventually end in a referral to Olympia Orthopaedic Associates (OOA). Start at the ROC instead. Most insurance plans are accepted and, in most cases, you are only charged for an office visit.

Meet the ROC Providers

Lynn Page brings her 16 years of urgent orthopaedic care to the new ROC clinic in Lacey. Photo credit: Kate Scriven
Lynn Page brings her 16 years of urgent orthopaedic care to the new ROC clinic in Lacey. Photo credit: Kate Scriven

One of two orthopaedic specialist at the ROC, Lynn Page has been a Physician’s Assistant for 19 years with 16 focused in orthopaedics. Page holds three bachelor’s degrees – sports medicine, exercise science, and physician’s assistant – to back up her years of hands-on experience. However, it is Page’s passion for sports medicine and urgent care that makes her such an asset to the ROC.

“My true love has always been sports medicine,” says Page, “and the ROC is a perfect fit, pairing my urgent care experience and my orthopaedic background. It’s a great mix.”

Page is also an athlete. She has completed multiple marathons and triathlons including three full Ironman Triathlons. In 2017 she will run the New York Marathon alongside her daughter and mother, celebrating milestone birthdays of 20, 50 and 70 years.

“I enjoy treating patients to get them back to what they love, whether that is on the field, doing boot camp classes or an activity in the outdoors like hunting,” she says, noting that athletes engage is a wide range of activities. “I have a strong passion for helping others maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
Clint Miller is newly returned to the South Sound and looks forward to helping patients when injuries strike. Photo credit: Kate Scriven

Working alongside Page is Clint Miller. His career in urgent orthopaedic care is as extensive as Page’s and he brings some unique trainings in as well. “I just happened into PA studies,” he says citing his early interest in medicine and dentistry. “And, well, I’m actually a dentist, too,” he says with a smile.

Miller was born in Oregon but grew up primarily in Oklahoma and has returned to the South Sound this year. He has been married for 16 years and has two children. His 16 years as a Physician’s Assistant have been mostly spent in the orthopaedic field and he brings his expertise to the ROC.

His love of orthopaedics, and brief career as a dentist, stem from his life-long love of working with his hands. “I grew up in the country and always liked to work with my hands – welding or working with wood,” Miller shares. He also is an avid outdoorsman and enjoyed baseball and football in his youth.

In Oklahoma City, Miller worked with an orthopaedic group offering urgent care. In Dallas, Miller worked in a clinic where the doctors cared for professional, college, and high school athletes. His field and clinic experience give him strong diagnostic skills aiding rapid assessments for ROC patients.

“I’m excited that we’ll be providing easy access to orthopaedic care, helping people avoid waiting at the ER for something we treat and treat routinely,” he says.

What the ROC Offers

Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
The ROC was designed to maximize efficiency, reducing patient wait times. Photo courtesy: Olympia Orthopaedic Associates.

When visiting the ROC, patients will be pleased to encounter short wait times, efficient exams, extended hours and specialized orthopaedic care. Miller and Page are joined by medical assistants and radiology technicians who see patients between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. seven days a week. When injuries happen, the ROC is ready to see you.

Stephanie Berry is the ROC clinic manager and is excited to be a part of this new service to the community. “My main role is to manage the daily operations of the clinic,” she shares. “This includes staffing, supplies and ensuring the patient experience is smooth and efficient.” The planning and layout of the facility is key to getting people in and out quickly and Berry’s input in this area was invaluable.

ROC patients have access to on-site casting, splinting, x-ray and physical therapy. The clinic is also located adjacent to Olympia Orthopaedic Associates Physical Therapy at Hawks Prairie. Open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and, with a connecting door to the ROC, the physical therapists can work directly with ROC patients, adding another layer of service on-site.

“We are very focused on getting orthopaedic needs taken care of, or quickly diagnosed, so patients can begin to heal or gain access to a higher level of care within OOA for additional orthopaedic needs,” explains Sarahbeth Bilyeu, Director of Clinical Operations.

Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
The ROC is open 7 days a week from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Photo courtesy: Olympia Orthopaedic Associates.

ROC staff know orthopaedics. But, they also understand how to quickly and effectively handle workplace injury claims, helping patients with referrals and next steps. “Our staff can really take the burden off the patient in organizing their next step, something a visit to the ER really can’t do,” continues Bilyeu.

When accidents happen, which they inevitably do, and you are left wondering if your injury needs immediate attention, turn to the Rapid Orthopaedic Care clinic for urgent care, specifically focused on orthopaedic and sports related injuries.

OOA’s Rapid Orthopaedic Care Clinic
8140 Freedom Lane NE
Lacey, WA 98516

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