As a family-owned company, Sunset Air remains true to its mission statement, emphasizing integrity and a strong sense of community. Randy Norris, residential division manager for Sunset Air, has lived out those values throughout his 36 years with the company. As Randy enters into retirement at the end of this year, he will miss the community he built with his clients and co-workers most of all.

Sunset Air Randy Norris Portrait
Randy Norris, the residential division manager for Sunset Air, is retiring at the end of the year after 36 years with the company. Photo credit: Molly Walsh

Sunset Air has been specializing in heating and air conditioning systems as well as other electrical services for over 40 years. Randy started at Sunset Air in 1979, after deciding that owning his own business wasn’t compatible with his family life. Aside from temporarily leaving the company in the mid-1980s, he has remained with the company since 1987.

In the meantime, Randy has risen through the ranks of Sunset Air and has worked out in the field, in the sales department and as a division manager. In his current position as a residential division manager, he does what he loves most by solving problems and working with clients.

Randy’s experience throughout multiple divisions of Sunset Air has helped immensely in his current role. “Working with customers gave me the opportunity to take a lot of the things I learned in the field and apply them,” says Randy. “I look at a project and think through a different lens. There is so much to learn in this particular industry. You have to know the product, but you also have to know every application and they are all a little different. Homes aren’t cookie cutter. They are unique and so the challenge is to figure out what the best application is for that customer’s needs and what they are after. That is my favorite part, to interact with people and solve problems.”

Randy mainly works with customers who are homeowners and have concerns or questions about their systems. In alignment with the values of Sunset Air, he always comes to a solution that is best for the customer. Around the office, Randy has become the go-to problem solver. “Because I’ve been in this industry a long time, a lot of things, even if it’s something that I’m not directly involved with or my responsibility, they are referred to me,” explains Randy. “That is what I am here for.”

Sunset Air Randy Norris Solar Panels
While at Sunset Air, Randy has experimented with solar energy and was instrumental in introducing the solar panel installation service to Sunset Air. Photo credit: Molly Walsh

An additional passion of Randy’s is solar energy. He was key in Sunset Air adding solar panel installation to their list of services. He also advocated for adding applications for solar energy to the company’s main office. “One of the things I’ve been allowed to do is be creative with things that we’ve never delved in,” says Randy.

“Back in 2011, the solar program was something I became really interested in,” he adds. “We weren’t doing anything like that. We had recently taken on an electrical division and all the planets lined up and it made sense to do this. I went to ownership and our engineering department and ran everything through there and said that this is very viable and something that we should do. We’ve been really successful in installing solar panels. That has allowed me to think out of the box. My sales group will still ask all kinds of questions about nuances of the panels. I am going to miss things like that when I am gone, so I told them that they could still call me.”

While at Sunset Air, Randy has witnessed similar businesses in the industry gradually lose their customer-oriented spirit. He is glad to see that Sunset Air has retained and practiced the values listed on their mission statement. “The mission statement has always been something that’s at the forefront,” says Randy, “because even though this is quite a large company now, it is still family-owned and with family-owned, we don’t have investors that try to change the mark. We have seen different corporations, where once it was purchased from being a family business to what it is today, their mission statement changed. The relationships are different. By being a family-owned, family-based company, that mission statement hasn’t changed and we’re not moving away from that. It is harder to do as you get larger because you have more players, and it is difficult to orchestrate everyone to make sure that we are all on track, but the message is still there. I never felt that we weren’t looking out for the customer’s best interest.”

Sunset Air Randy Norris Electric Car Charging Station
Randy not only wanted solar energy to be an option for clients, but also for the Sunset Air office when he wrote a grant to build an electric car charging station and solar panels to power it. Photo credit: Molly Walsh

Randy’s plans for after retirement include world travel. “We are going to do some traveling,” says Randy. “In February and March, we are going to Costa Rica, then Hawaii for a couple weeks in April and May. We have a motor home and we are going to take a ride with another couple down to New Orleans.”

As retirement approaches, what stays with Randy is the supportive atmosphere that has been created by the employees and owners of Sunset Air during his time with the company. “We have a great group of people here, all the staff,” explains Randy. “Everyone’s striving for the same end result. That is the part I am going to miss when I retire.”

To learn more about Sunset Air and the services they offer, visit the Sunset Air website.

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