If you are looking for places to walk your dog in Grays Harbor that have it all, Montesano is a great pick. Conveniently located between Olympia and the scenic coast of Washington, Montesano has fun shops, delicious restaurants and gorgeous natural beauty. In addition, there are many dog-friendly parks and trails in Montesano, meaning Fido doesn’t have to be left behind when you go exploring. Not sure where to walk your dog in Montesano? Check out this list of great places to walk your dog.

Lake Sylvia State Park

The lush greenery surrounding Lake Sylvia State Park in Montesano is a relaxing place to take your dog for a walk. Photo credit: Haley Furstenwerth

Not only is Lake Sylvia State Park family friendly, but it’s also a fantastic location to walk your dog. Tucked away in the hills of Montesano, Lake Sylvia is a tranquil escape from our busy everyday lives. The park is set in a former logging camp, providing an interesting history lesson for adults and children as well as expansive acreage that dogs will love to explore. The park revolves around a large swimming and fishing lake that draws families to its shores all summer long.

Casual hikers and adventure seekers visiting Lake Sylvia State Park for the first time will be in for a treat. Old logging roads surrounding the massive lake make up the bones of this Washington State Park. The grounds are open year-round and together create five miles worth of trails forming a loop that begins at an overnight campground, crosses over wetlands and a small covered bridge. Dogs will love bird watching as they stroll through the trails that lead to a hydro-electric powering dam that aided early 1900’s logging camps. For dogs looking for even more of a challenge, consider taking a journey on one of the additional park trails that connect a network of hiking and biking trails in the surrounding Montesano City Forest. You will need a Discover Pass to park at Lake Sylvia State Park.

Kelsey Park

Kelsey Park offers a great opportunity for visitors to take their dog for a stress-free walk. Make it a family affair and bring along the kids who will love to scramble around on the park’s playground equipment. This park is large enough without feeling overwhelming to let your dog sniff around and explore the flat area and a grassy slope under towering trees. Humans and their dogs will also enjoy watching a game of softball at the nearby Nelson and Crait Fields. Dog owners will also be happy to know that Kelsey Park has a newly-installed pet waste collection station with bag dispenser and collection container.

Friends Landing

Where to walk your dog in Montesano friends landing
Nature lovers and their dogs will love exploring Lake Trail, a 1.7 mile hiking route that wraps around Lake Quigg at Friends Landing in Montesano. Photo credit: Candra Burns

Another one of Montesano’s large parks that is fantastic for walking your dog is Friends Landing. With 152 acres of recreational opportunities located on the scenic Chehalis River, dogs and their owners will be thrilled to enjoy a day in the area taking part in fishing, hiking, camping and native bird watching.

Nature lovers and their dogs will love Lake Trail, a 1.7-mile hiking route that wraps around Lake Quigg. The paved and bridged trail will bring you and your dog through wetland marsh, forested land, grasslands and other scenic natural wonders from the Pacific Northwest. If walking with older dogs or puppies, take the trail nice and slow and read the many interpretive signs that have been placed along the trail. Additionally, viewing docks have been installed to offer fantastic views of the area. After your walk through Friends Landing, let your furry friend take a dip in the pristine lake to cool off and relax.

Preacher’s Slough Trailhead

Preacher’s Slough Trailhead is dog friendly and located on the Chehalis River Surge Plain. Encompassing over 3,000 acres of wetland and a longer trail totaling roughly seven miles roundtrip, dogs of all ages will enjoy walking through the forested trails. Remember that you can always choose to shorten the trail by turning around at any point to appeal to all energy levels.

Where to walk your dog in Montesano friends landing in Montesano
The City of Montesano offers dozens of excellent places to let your dog stretch their legs in the peace and quiet of nature. Photo credit: Haley Furstenwerth

Railroad tracks used to run along the pathway, so there’s not much of an incline, keeping the walk nice and comfortable everyone. The environment is very rich in nutrients due to the mixture of freshwater and saltwater, so wildlife sightings of all kinds are frequent in this rural part of Montesano. Interpretive signs dot the trails adding an interesting appeal and learning opportunity for families.

Fleet Park

The historic 1946 Fleet Park is yet another great option for dog walking. Although the park isn’t huge, it proves to be a fantastic location to get out and stretch your legs while on a road trip to the coast. The grassy lawn is great for playing a game of fetch. There’s also a covered pavilion that provides shade on hot days as well as a veterans’ memorial. Fleet Park is located in the center of Montesano which makes it a convenient stop after patronizing the restaurants and stores in the downtown area.


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