Few things in life are as calming and relaxing as walking the beach. The steady beat of waves provides a soothing soundtrack as one strides along the shores of the Pacific Ocean. The ocean is forever moving, with buried wonders churned up and revealed on the shoreline under the unrelenting tides and swells. Those who wander the beach after storms and during low tide are rewarded for their work. Finding polished rocks, petrified wood, intricate shells, glass floats, tsunami debris from Japan or even mysterious creatures from the deep, is what makes it exciting. Here is where to go beachcombing in winter in Grays Harbor.

Where to go Beachcombing in Winter in Grays Harbor shells at Damon Point
Damon Point in Ocean Shores is one of the best places to go beachcombing in Grays Harbor. Photo credit: Kathryn Decker

Pushed against the coast and embracing the waters of Grays Harbor, this coastal county has over 50 miles of beaches along the Pacific, making it a beachcomber’s wonderland. The coastline of Grays Harbor has some great rocky beaches, sandy sections, or a blend of both, granting access to perfect beaches to comb. While anywhere on the coast can be a spot to beachcomb, there are a handful of stretches of sand that most locals consider as the best places to beachcomb. These five places are all incredible destinations to discover washed up wonders and take in some of the more scenic shores with friends and family.

Damon Point in Ocean Shores

Damon Point, found at the southern tip of Ocean Shores, is one of the best places on the entire west coast to find agates, petrified wood and other unique rocks. You may even find a glass float here. Jutting out between the murky waters of Grays Harbor and the endless waters of the Pacific, Damon Point is accessible for those who can hike. Along its four miles of beaches, Damon Point also offers stunning views of the Olympic Mountains and some of the best bird watching around. Your best days for beachcombing are usually low tide and the day after a storm, as the power of the waves turns over the rocks and washes up fun finds. While you may occasionally find something on the harbor side of Damon Point, the majority of your discoveries will occur on the ocean side. After a storm, get here early, as it is quite popular with locals and visitors alike.

Griffiths-Priday Ocean State Park

Often overlooked as a beachcombing destination, the beach along Griffiths-Priday Ocean State Park is a fun place to beachcomb and to see where the Copalis River meets the salty waves of the Pacific Ocean. The beach here is a known destination for finding sand dollars. After a strong winter storm, you’ll have the best chance to find rocks likes agates, petrified wood and even pieces of quartz crystal. The best time to be here is a few hours before the first low tide, allowing you to follow the tide out and get first access to the gravel bars.

Most beaches in Grays Harbor will yield you treasures like sand dollars, shells and cool rocks. Photo credit: Cindy Shebley

Roosevelt Beach

Found just south of Pacific Beach, Roosevelt Beach is often overlooked by locals and visitors. The small beach here doesn’t have a huge gravel bar to explore, but it does have just enough to make this a place for unique and rare finds. Hitting Roosevelt Beach at low tide and after a large winter storm can reward you with flotsam of all sizes and shapes, shells, and the occasional agate. As eagles circle overhead, Roosevelt Beach gives some of the best chances to find the illusive glass balls.

Grayland Beach State Park

Located on the south side of Grays Harbor, Grayland Beach State Park is yet another fun place to wander the dunes and stumble up on some exposed gravel bars. While you may not find agates, shells and other cool rocks washed up, Grayland still sees its fair share of beachcombing opportunities. What you may find here that you may not at other beaches is the potential to see some washed up creatures of the sea. Sure, you’ll still get a few shells and rocks, but keep your expectations tempered. The trick for Grayland is to get there early after a storm, before it gets picked over. Low tide will always be when you can find the best beach treasures.

Where to go Beachcombing in Winter in Grays Harbor Searching for rocks
Searching for shell and rocks along the coast gives you a chance to take in the beauty of the region while finding awesomeness. Photo credit: Jonathan Lidbeck

Westport Light State Park

While not the best of site for beachcombing in Grays Harbor, Westport Light State Park’s close proximity to the town of Westport makes this convenient and fun place to go if you are in the area. The long and windy beach here does yield some gravel bars, giving you a chance to find agates, as well as shells and floats up and down the beach. Overlooking this place would be a mistake, as many locals have found their most prized treasures along this popular stretch of the beach. If you do find yourself beachcombing here, try to follow the tide out to increase your odds.


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