Harbor Regional Health: Serving the healthcare needs of Grays Harbor

Harbor Regional Health is the newly rebranded hub of 28 different clinics, hospitals, services and specialties in Grays Harbor County. Photo courtesy: Harbor Regional Health

Names provide more than a unique identity. They also unite us as a chosen family under one common banner. On April 5, 2021, Harbor Regional Health new unified brand for Grays Harbor Community Hospital, its specialists, clinics, and healthcare services across Grays Harbor County. Though the name has changed, their skilled and caring health services continue, and their dedication to our community remains.

Look for their new logo adorning clinics in Aberdeen, Montesano, and Hoquiam with providers across our region to serve your healthcare needs.
Photo courtesy: Harbor Regional Health

Harbor Regional Health consists of “28 different services and specialties,” says Director of Marketing and Public Relations Chris Majors. These include the “Community Hospital, family medicine clinics in Aberdeen, Hoquiam and Montesano, orthopedics, OB/GYN, pediatrics, internal medicine, urology, cardiology, gastroenterology, rehabilitation services in Westport and Aberdeen, diagnostic imaging at the hospital and at the imaging center on Basich Boulevard, and a number of other health services offered at the hospital.”

This transition wasn’t kicked off on a whim. Majors explains that in 2017 a committee was formed with a goal to “Proactively Rebrand” their healthcare facilities. This 13-member group consisted of “employees, community members, providers, and board members.”

Their work was temporarily put on hold in 2018, but they pushed on and last year, despite the pandemic, and were able to continue their discussion. “In 2020 the Board of Commissioners again began discussing the project and formed an ad hoc committee with the intent to finalize the new name and logo to be presented to the Board,” says Majors. “In December, the new brand was presented and approved.”

There are locations county-wide to meet any and every healthcare need for you and your family. Photo courtesy: Harbor Regional Health

“Unifying our organization under one name, Harbor Regional Health, has taken a few years to fully develop,” says Chair Michael Bruce, who is also the former mayor of Westport. “As a Board, we realized that our organization was made up of all these different pieces, with different names and different brands. When meeting with community members there was a consistent comment of ‘I didn’t know that was you,’ or ‘why aren’t you doing more for our community?’ It became clear that something needed to be done to make sure our community knows all the different services we provide to the community, and the most effective way to do that was to bring us all together under one brand name.”

Dr. Rachel Sell, general surgeon, is one of the caregivers offering support and treatment through Harbor Regional Health. Photo courtesy: Harbor Regional Health

As with all Harbor Regional Health services, care and consideration was put into the rebranding process. They chose Harbor to represent a safe place of refuge and comfort. Regional defines the more than 2,000 miles covered by their district in Grays Harbor County, but also recognizes the people they serve in Pacific County and Quinault tribal lands. And Health is more than combatting illness. It is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing.

“We are excited for this new brand,” says CEO Tom Jensen. “Our hope is that the community will see the Harbor Regional Health name across all our services and specialties and recognize that we are one organization dedicated to the health of our entire region. Our team at Harbor Regional Health has worked very hard during the pandemic and we are ready to get back to serving all the healthcare needs of our region. I am very proud of our employees and this new brand will help show the value of all the services and specialties that we provide for Grays Harbor County residents.”

Perhaps the heart and soul of this transition is the new motto: “Because Your Health Matters.” “‘Because Your Health Matters’ is a reminder that your health is important for your quality of life and those around you,” says Jensen. “It is also a constant reminder that our entire organization is here to serve the healthcare needs of our community. People all across Grays Harbor County deserve quality care and it is our mission to provide that care.”

The new name still includes all the amazing providers like Dr. Anne Marie Wong, internal medicine provider and chief medical officer. Photo courtesy: Harbor Regional Health

“Because your health matters we have decided to make this change,” says Majors. “We hope you will support us in this effort and know that as we emerge from the trials of the pandemic, that we arise a new, strong, unified organization, dedicated to serving your healthcare needs.”

Our health matters now more than ever. The long, ongoing months of COVID-19 opened our eyes to the importance of timely care and the tireless service provided by medical staff. Knowing where to go both in an emergency or for a routine check-up is vital. And having a unified portal simplifies the process for everyone so more time can be spent on you and less on paperwork or red tape.

Follow the roll-out of Harbor Regional Health through their website or Facebook page. There you can listen to recent radio interviews, read about awards and achievements, and find updates about services. If you or someone you love needs treatment, access HRH services at their many locations or call 888.537.2778 for information. Let them become—or remain—your chosen healthcare family for years to come.


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