GraysHarborTalk’s Most-Read Stories of October

We were fortunate to have a pretty lovely October, with plenty of sunshine to get a few more outside days before the rain hits. This month, readers loved learning about the history and people that make Grays Harbor County a wonderful place to live. Here are the top three most-read stories from October and our Editor’s Pick, too.

1. 4 Generations Later, the Canton Cafe is an Aberdeen Icon

One of the only things that has changed over the nearly 100 years is the location of the Canton Cafe. Photo credit: Dani Dooley

Writer Dani Dooley took us on a wonderful trip down memory lane with the incredible history of the almost century-old Canon Cafe. If you’ve lived even a small part of your life in Grays Harbor County, you’ve probably visited the restaurant. Many readers expressed how much the place has been a part of their own families’ lives.

2. 17-year-old Julia Poler Opens Escape Room in Montesano

Entrepreneur Julia Poler, 17, stands outside the escape room she created in Montesano. Photo credit: Gail Greenwood Ayres

Readers loved learning about a young entrepreneur right here in Grays Harbor County. Gail Greenwood Ayres took us inside Julia Poler’s newly opened business, Escape the Harbor, which she started on a dare. Julia, with the help of her parents and her siblings, is hoping the business will be a success. Judging by reader interest, she has nothing to worry about.

3. A History of Cranberries on the Washington Coast

Visiting the cranberry bogs in Grayland during the fall is picturesque and can coincide with their October Cranberry Festival.

We’ve alll seen the cranberry bogs, but many of us do not know the long history of cranberries and Grays Harbor County. Writer Douglas Scott eloquently shares how the coastal stretches of Southwest Washington ended up being the perfect spot for cranberry growing. 

4. Editor’s Pick: The Dukes of Swing: A Grays Harbor Music Legend

The Dukes of Swing are performing at the 2016 Governor’s Inaugural Ball. Photo credit: David McCrary

The Dukes of Swing, a jazz big band, has been a part of Grays Harbor’s long standing musical tradition since 1948. Christine Vincent spoke to the vivacious members of the group, who considers themselves a dance band, and learned all about this musical chapter of our history and where it’s headed in the future.

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