The Light Shines at the Green Lantern Pub

green lantern pub
The Green Lantern Pub is a "must stop" when driving along Highway 109.


By Lisa Shell

great northwest federal credit unionOn a clear, hot day I headed west on Highway 109. Not a cloud in the sky. Mesmerized by the sun reflecting on the waters of the beautiful Grays Harbor.  Today I could see all the way across to the south bay. When I finally stopped driving and parked my car I was near the mouth of the Copalis River. My destination – The Green Lantern Pub and I settled in to share her beautiful view of the river with all who enter.

green lantern pub
The Green Lantern Pub is a “must stop” when driving along Highway 109.

Do you know how it feels to walk into to a place and wonder if you’re going to feel at home or maybe, by the uncertain glares you get from the regulars, you pretend to forget your wallet and quickly make your escape?

This was not the case when I strolled into the Green Lantern.

They greeted me right away.

Introductions flowed easily, so I pulled out a stool, sat down, picked up the menu, ordered a shrimp and cheese omelette and a diet Pepsi.  I gobbled down the meal and listened to the regular customers chit chat.  A few customers sitting around the bar commented.

“The Chicken and Joes here are the best,” said the smiling lady wearing a blue t-shirt.

“I’ve been coming here since 1983,” another customer said.

“We have the best nachos, onion rings, and burgers,” says Sue the bartender.

By the time I left,  I was surprised they didn’t have a barstool with my name on it. The conversation flowed easily with Sue and Candy, the friendly bartenders.  It was Candy’s first few days on shift.  She said in a jovial voice, “The Green Lantern has always been my favorite tavern.  I came here for the first time when I was about 25.”  Today, Sue, the other friendly bartender, is training Candy to be her replacement.

green lantern pub
Claire and Rick Hall, owners of the Green Lantern Pub, say goodbye to frequent customer Cheryl Stewart (center) for the summer season.

Claire and Rick Hall purchased the pub just over a year ago. The couple moved to Ocean Shores from Puyallup. Rick, retired from commercial construction, and Claire worked at home and then drove a semi-truck for seven years.

I asked if it was their dream to own a pub at the coast. They both smiled saying, “no, it just happened and was meant to be. The next move forward.”  The couple spent years of weekend visits to Ocean Shores.  A trip always included a visit to the Green Lantern.  They became friends with Mike, the previous owner.  Mike would jokingly try to sell the pub to them every time they talked.  On one particular visit, the Hall’s took Mike’s offer seriously and the rest, as they say, is history.

A few years ago the Green Lantern added a kitchen and a full-service bar.  Gone are the days when The Green Lantern was just a tavern.  Now known as a pub, the Green Lantern sells beer, with 13 on tap at all times and growlers to go.  They also serve a full menu and alcohol for mixed drinks.

Today Claire reminded me that the beach is a “getaway for all of Washington.”  People come from all over the state to relax, camp, connect with family, clam dig, beachcomb, fish and connect with their roots.  Some roots are deep,  like Rick’s connection with his grandfather, Roy Burton Hall, from Tokeland.  On Roy’s thirteenth birthday, his mother surprised  him with a ride aboard the SS Catala.  Rick says, “I’d love to research more about the SS Catala.”

Claire spoke wholeheartedly of previous owner, Patty Seamon.  Claire shares, “This is her vision, the vendor village, her signage and the kitchen.”  All added by Patty and still used today.

green lantern pub
Your view, while dining at the Green Lantern Pub, is of the Copalis River.

Claire’s vision for the Green Lantern is becoming a reality.  She added the convenience of credit cards right away.  The pub offers good food, friendly service and a relaxed atmosphere.  The Hall’s plan to create a family friendly space in the facility. Kids will dine here soon.  Your entire family will can look forward to a meal together, after a day at the beach. So keep watching for the updates on the Facebook page.

Claire admires chef Everett Denny.  She says, “Everett is ‘the heart’ of the Green Lantern. He can make food look and taste so good on the plate.”  Chef Everett presents seven nightly specials. The New York steak dinner served on Wednesday is a customer favorite.

Longtime customer, Cheryl Stewart of Desert Hot Springs, CA, posed for a picture when she stopped by to say her goodbyes for the winter.  Cheryl picked up a “to-go” order one last time this year.  Cheryl says, “My husband and I have been customers since 1983.  The Green Lantern is one of the reasons we come back every year.”

Head west on highway 109 and meet the newest owners of the Green Lantern Pub, Rick and Claire Hall.   On the right day, at the right time you may drive to the pub and find 20 or more Harley’s parked out front. Located at the heart of “Clam Central,” the Green Lantern Pub is fast-becoming another “must stop” if you travel to the Washington coast.

Green Lantern Pub

3119 State Route 109

Copalis Beach, WA 98535



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