Enter Ocean Shore’s Digital Synergy shop and be prepared to be struck by its unique atmosphere.

Instead of the alien-like laboratory feel of most computer repair and technician support haunts, Digital Synergy owns a funky rustic beach cabin aura with good vibes included.

grays harbor community hospitalYes there are large computer monitors, electronic components and an array of laptops but also weathered wood on one wall, a repurposed lumber customer counter and a driftwood coat tree standing in a corner.

With natural northern light flooding in through large windows a non-technical person feels down right at ease inside Digital Synergy.

computer repair ocean shores
Technology consultant and owner of Digital Synergy, Chris Brunstad, is pictured standing outside his shop on the north side of the Clovis Building in Oceans Shores. ©GraysHarborTalk

Behind the counter, encased in muted tones of coastal gray, a tree stump stool is positioned at the workstation of proprietor and technology consultant, Chris Brunstad.

“Yeah, it’s just me right now. Eventually I want to bring other people in, but right now I support a grouping of technologies,” said Chris, 34, when asked about the size of his operation.

Digital Synergy is a young, growing business with a wealth of technological services all performed by this Renaissance man.

“I grew up around computers. My dad was always into them and I just spent my life on computers. I like to call myself one of the first generations to be truly immersed in technology.  Computers have always been around to us,” he said. “I got a job building OceanShores.com when I was 15. We built an online reservation platform for the Ocean Shores area.”

Chris made an early entry into college for web design and multimedia with a Microsoft game testing job. This was his introduction to Fortune 500 tech companies.

Over the next 10 years Chris acquired in-depth hardware and programming knowledge.

He transitioned into a Software Development Engineer contracting with other software and video game development studios such as RealNetworks, Game House, and Volt.

computer repair ocean shores
Chris, seated at his workstation, creates a laid back and beach cool atmosphere engaging visitors and customers to Digital Synergy. ©GraysHarborTalk

In 2009, Chris decided he wanted a change in scenery and moved to Maui.

There he ran his West Maui Technical Services company working with Beach Activities of Maui to support a large concierge network throughout hotels and resorts.

About four years ago, Chris returned home to visit his Grays Harbor family and that’s when he says, “I met the girl of my dreams and moved to Ocean Shores to settle down.”

Ergo, Digital Synergy came into being.

Digital Synergy services are as eclectic as Chris’s interest and skills. When asked to focus on the most central among them he notes technology support, business systems and marketing as the current technologies at the core of his business plan.

In each category there are multiple layers for customer selections.

Technology support includes consultation with customers as to the most effective solution to their problems along with repair of computers or related smart devices. Digital Synergy can fix just about anything and resolve difficult situations, according to Chris.

There is an array of business services with Point of Sales Systems, Security Cameras, Design Services and Digital Signage Devices.

Chris also provides marketing and advertising services, including graphics, web design,  photography and video production.

computer repair grays harbor
When not out attending to service calls, Brunstad can be found directing the wizardry of technology support for his growing customer and client base. Photo courtesy: Chris Brunstad.

Chris is looking to the future to optimize Digital Synergy’s market position.

“As far as expanding I have a lot of ideas. I am throwing them against the wall to see what sticks. I am putting together classes and lessons for giving people a basic education on their technologies that they may wish to learn about. I also might go the retail route and sell computers, cameras, security systems and so on,” Chris said of his growth plans.

Chris is anchored to his business by the tether of his passions, some of which extend out into the artistic arena. Chris is a fine art photographer and videographer, too, selecting subjects reflecting the natural environment and innate flow of life on the beach.

One of Chris’s latest passions is food photography. His images find their way to restaurant websites and menu productions. His skills have been sought out by local business in the area including Pirate’s Cove Pub and Ocean Beach Roasters, among others.

Chris is the founder of Ocean Shores Photographers, a group of local artisans publicly sharing their images and creative ideas.

“Really what it comes down to is that I am happy being able to play with technology, create and learn, as well as helping others and feeling appreciated while being able to support my family. I believe the true formula for happiness is finding something you enjoy doing, something you would do even if you don’t make money at it, then turning that something into a way to support yourself and using it to help others,” Chris said summarizing his approach to business development while adding a touch of his personal philosophy.

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