Getting and staying healthy can be a challenge nowadays, but it’s a challenge we should all take the time to tackle. Physical activity benefits both mind and body, providing lasting results for mobility, longevity and quality of life. At Summit Pacific Medical Center, try something new with a visit to their Wellness Center for an exciting Indoor Rock Climbing adventure and challenge yourself in fun, new ways.

kid on a rock climbing wall
The Summit Pacific Medical Center offers an indoor rock climbing wall for ages 5 and up. Come find a new hobby, stretch your muscles, and even overcome a fear of heights one toe-hold at a time. Photo courtesy: Summit Pacific

Rock-Climbing Wall in Elma for Community Members and Physical Therapy Patients Alike

Wherever you do it, climbing works the body and mind as participants figure out the best way up each uniquely textured cliff face. More than six million Americans enjoy indoor climbing annually because it offers challenges tempered by a less rugged setting, protection from the weather and on-site professionals to assist when needed. It’s also great for intrepid outdoor climbers to practice closer to home during the off-season and away from critters or slippery winter surfaces.

Garrett Turner, Therapy & Wellness Aide at Summit Pacific, says that the rock wall opened in 2018, when the Wellness Center was built. The Wellness Center, open to employees and the public, is a hub for classes, events and activities. It offers a community fitness trail, outdoor exercise equipment, both indoor and outdoor play places, a pavilion, a climbing wall and group meeting spaces.

Climbers as young as 5 can scramble upwards on Grays Harbor County’s only community rock climbing wall every Monday through Friday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Summit Pacific’s Wellness Center: No Climbing Experience Needed, So Don’t Belay

To use Summit Pacific’s climbing wall, you don’t need to know the difference between bowline, clove hitch, prusik, or ring bend knots. Turner says that all participants receive a quick demonstration from their on-site instructors. They learn how to put on the harness, safety guidelines for descending and tips and tricks to get started.

“The rock wall instructor will be with participants during the entire climbing session to ensure the safety of their climb and give them hints to help them progress on their ascent,” says Turner. Staff can even organize fun games with small prizes; just email or ask when booking your spot.

Walk-in sessions are available, but Turner recommends reserving your preferred time via the Eventbrite portal. For only $10 per person, you can reserve 30-minute rock climbs for up to three participants. You can also purchase tickets at the Physical Therapy front desk using a credit card or exact cash.

Elma’s Rock-Climbing Wall: Develop a New Hobby, Challenge Yourself, or Overcome a Fear

The Summit Pacific Wellness Center team sees families brought together at events like their Father/Daughter and Mother/Son climbs, motivated physical therapy patients treating themselves to a climb after completing rehab, and kids discovering a new, lifelong hobby.

If you’re up for the challenge, visit Summit Pacific’s indoor rock-climbing wall and try your hand (and feet) at a new sport. Then hit the Café @ Summit for treats as a reward…you’ve earned a healthy snack for exercising both mind and body.


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