Readers’ Choice: GraysHarborTalk’s Most-Read Stories in May

With summer (almost) in full swing, we are taking a look back at the stories that our GraysHarborTalk readers loved the most in May.

1. Twin Bridges County Park Revitalized for Family Fun in Grays Harbor

Twin Bridges County Park in rural Montesano opens to the public on May 26, 2016.

Grays Harbor County opened Twin Bridges County Park on May 26, 2016.  The name is a reference to the two bridges that span the park.  Check out the full story here.

2. The Beautiful Wonders of Giving Birth at Grays Harbor Community Hospital

Nurses Lisha Schnoor and Angie O’Hagan believe being a part of their patients’ birthing experience is a privilege.

Meet nurses Lisha Schnoor and Angie O’Hagan who believe being a part of their patients’ birthing experience is a privilege at Grays Harbor Community Hospital.  Learn more about the experience of bringing a new baby into the world in this article.

3. Connie Church – Court Reporter Creates Connections in Real Time

This article reports on how Connie Church, a Montesano court reporter, is bringing her skills to the deaf community by reporting what’s happening at meetings, lectures, and events in real time.  Read more about Connie and her skills here.

4. Editor’s Pick – Dale’s Lavender Valley

Dale uses lavender for bouquets and to create high quality, handmade products. Photo courtesy: Dale’s Lavender Valley.

A very close fourth (by less than 25 views in May), is an article about Dale Dineen’s lavender farm.  Dale talks about the healing powers of lavender as well as how she has structured the agriculture business to allow her to still spend time with her family. It’s a great read.

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