GraysHarborTalk 2016 Year in Review

Grays Harbor
Photo credit: Kurtis Dawson.

As we mark the start of a new year, GraysHarborTalk is excited for what’s in store for 2017. Our passion always has been, and remains, bringing you positive stories about what it’s like to live work and play in Grays Harbor County.  The more than 370 stories we published this year have shared local news, events and profiles of different members of your community. GraysHarborTalk’s community social network reaches more than 12,000 individuals through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter each day. Share your feedback, story ideas and community celebrations with us at

72.3% of GraysHarborTalk readers are female. Just one of the statistics we capture through our unique measurement tools. Image source: GraysHarborTalk


Here’s a look at 2016 in review.


Top 5 Most-Loved Stories in 2016

  1. Twin Bridges County Park Revitalized for Family Fun in Grays Harbor
  2. Nathan Stolen – Aberdeen’s Superman Impressively Begins MMA Career
  3. ER Nurses Provide Calm Eye of the Storm at Grays Harbor Community Hospital
  4. The Beautiful Wonders of Giving Birth at Grays Harbor Community Hospital Family Birth Center
  5. Dale’s Lavender Valley – Finding Beauty, Healing in Lavender


I want to thank you all at GraysHarborTalk. It is so refreshing to read about people and experiences in our area. Too much news today is about what is wrong with Grays Harbor.  GraysHarborTalk reminds us about what is right in our community. – Andrew W.

Top 5 Search Terms that Direct People to GraysHarborTalk

  1. Razor Clam Season

    Razor clam tide at dusk.
    Razor clam digging is one of the unique attractions locals and visitors of the region can enjoy. Photo credit: Grays Harbor Tourism.
  2. Local News
  3. Ghost Forest Washington
  4. Things to do in Grays Harbor WA
  5. History of Grays Harbor

Writer’s Favorite Stories of 2016

GraysHarborTalk’s team of 15 professional freelance writers works diligently to share the positive stories from your community.  Each year we ask them to share their favorite stories from the past year and we have complied them for you to browse in this article.

Daniela Werner loved sharing Phyllis Shaughnessy and the Green Lantern Lunches program. Kristine Lowder was overjoyed to share the Nazario family’s story in More Than Coffee: Hoquiam’s Jitter House is ‘All in the FamilyAnd outdoor writer had a bittersweet experience writing about the falling of the big cedar at Lake Quinault. Read these stories and many more in our Writer’s Favorite Stories of 2016 article.

I love it here in Grays Harbor. I love the sunsets and the ocean and that everything is so green! I love the posts on GraysHarborTalk. Keep up the good work! – Pamela O.

Thanks to our readers, we are able to share many beautiful, scenic images from these favorite photography contributors.

Photo credit: Skip Radcliffe
Photo credit: Skip Radcliffe

Social Media Connections

People connect with GraysHarborTalk through social media. In 2016, our Facebook followers grew by 19.3 percent. Over the past year, 114,900 people reacted to our content.

Across Western Washington, our distribution network approaches 100,000 people that choose to hear from us on a daily basis.  Besides GraysHarborTalk, you can find our sister sites at WhatcomTalk, SouthSoundTalk, ThurstonTalk, and LewisTalk.

As our local newspaper changed, it’s been harder, I think, to find the local flavor and learn what’s going on. GraysHarborTalk is a lovely way to stay connected and experience new adventures in the community! ~ Katey S.

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