Just offshore from the miles of sandy, windswept beaches of Grays Harbor, the best surfing spots in the Pacific Northwest are awaiting your board. Between where seals and gray whales swim and the place where tourists fly kites and dig for clams, the breaking waves of the coast are an inviting and incredible way to spend the day. From Moclips to Grayland, and everywhere in between, the swells found on the Pacific Coast of Washington are a surfers dream, providing easy access, plenty of amenities and long rides. If you enjoy plenty of ridable waves, small beach communities and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, you don’t want to pass up the opportunity to surf Grays Harbor.

Surfing in the Pacific Northwest is often viewed as an activity for the hearty and the adventurous. With water temperatures typically hovering in the mid-50s to mid-40s, the cold waters may have those curious about surfing a little shy to get on a board and paddle out to a wave. However, the cool waters shouldn’t stop you. A wetsuit is highly recommended to surf off the coast, but the waves here are second to none.

Surfing Westport
Westport is constantly named one of the best surfing destinations in the Pacific Northwest. Photo credit: Zach Wist

Those hoping to learn to surf have a great chance to do so in Westport. Bigfoot Surf School is your best stop for all levels of surfers. Whether you are looking to brush off the rust from too many years off or learning to surf for the first time, the guides at Bigfoot are incredible, inspiring and supportive. Bigfoot is one of three surfing orientated business in Westport, each staffed with knowledgeable surfers passionate about the region. Whether you choose from Westport’s Steepwater Surf Shop, Westport’s Surf Shop or Bigfoot, the knowledge, advice and gear are sure to get anyone excited to go surf some waves.

Westport is Washington’s surf city, designated as such by voters on KING 5’s Evening Magazine’s Northwest Escapes. Thanks to over 300 days of waves that are head-high or taller, the town best known for fishing is also considered to be one of the most reliable regions for surfers on the West Coast. When the tides are right, there are three destinations that offer great rides and incredible experiences, making Westport one of the gems of Pacific Northwest surfing community.

where to surf in Grays Harbor
No matter the weather, the waves off the coast are almost always ridable. Photo credit: Douglas Scott

Your most accessible and friendly surfing spot is found at Westhaven State Park. Here, you’ll find a fantastic spot to learn and brush up on your skills with good wave acton nearly every day you head out. Further north, the riding gets a bit more difficult, giving advanced riders a challenge with potential for great rewards. Half Moon Bay, between the long jetty and the Marina gives a strong break, especially when the other two areas are a bit too stormy. The third region is found near the “Finger Jetties,” the rocky outcroppings near the entrance to the marina. This can be a great place to go once you have gotten good at riding near Westhaven and have a desire for more of a challenge.

Across the mouth of Grays Harbor, the surf provides another few locations to catch some waves and enjoy the mighty Pacific. The two best spots to surf in Ocean Shores are at Damon Point and near the jetty. Damon Point is a great spot for year-round surfing, when there is a swell of over five feet. Damon Point offers fast, steep waves during storm surges and steady, reliable waves during the rest of the year. Your best waves will be found on the southern bay, just a short walk from the parking area. As sea lions bark at you and curious seals pop their heads out of the water, the riding here is fun, but for more experienced surfers.

surfing grays harbor
Despite the cold waters, the coast of Grays Harbor is considered a hidden surfing mecca. Photo credit: Kathryn Decker

The favorite spot for Ocean Shores surfers is found at the jetty, when there is a southwest swell with east winds. Keep in mind that rip currents are common in all these locations. For more surfing information in Ocean Shores, including rental gear, the latest conditions and all other surfing related questions, head to North Coast Surf Inc.

Finally, those hoping to hit up one more free beach to surf should head north to Seabrook, just south of Pacific Beach. After stopping by Buck’s up on the bluff for your rental gear and any other advice or knowledge you desire, hit the beaches just a short walk down from this gorgeous new town. As eagles circle overhead and seals pop up out of the water, the surfing at Seabrook might not have the greatest breakers, but does provide that illusive, tranquil experience on the never-ceasing waves of the Pacific.


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