Compounding Comfort for You and Your Pets with NW Remedies

Tuna, chicken, liver, marshmallow, tutti-frutti, peanut butter and banana: What do these have in common? Yes, they are all flavors, and they are also a sampling of the tastes NW Remedies can incorporate into your pet’s unique, compounded prescription. Rosalee Seder, pharmacist and manager, has over two decades of experience compounding medications for exotic and domestic animals. Help in many varieties is available when your pet has health or medical concerns.

NW Remedies Pet Compounds Olive don't mess with me
Don’t even think of giving me a pill or wrapping me in towel. Oliver is very opinionated. NW Remedies has other options. Photo credit: Reid Psaltis

You may have used NW Remedies for your own well-being support, but did you know the skills of this compounding pharmacy carry over to your pet? The difference between a traditional pharmacy and NW Remedies is the ability to make compounds, which is the art and science of creating personalized medicine for a specific patient’s needs, including pets. The professionals there work in cooperation with your veterinarian for the medication that is right for your pet’s size, taste preferences and medical considerations.

Have you ever needed to give your cat an oral dose of medicine? I found optimistic YouTube videos about kitty burritos – that’s wrapping your sweet cat in a towel for easier pill dosing. The towel is supposed to calm your cat and offer you protection. Don’t kid yourself. It’s no easy task to be a cat wrangler. Did you know that many remedies can be made into a transdermal preparation that requires applying it on your pet’s ear? No burrito needed. This way of delivering the medicine results in much less stress for both kitty and owner, which becomes even more important when multiple applications are necessary over a course of days.

Dosing is a significant consideration for all medications. Of course, the amount a horse requires would be greater than for your ailing corgi. However, commercial medications may be available in limited sizes and strengths. NW Remedies will titrate one specifically for your furry friend. Doses can also be adjusted along the way. For pets like dogs that are more accepting of flavored pills, they come in small, tasty sizes.

Another advantage of compounding is the ability to combine several ingredients into a single preparation. For example, your dog has a skin problem that is improving with the use of three different medicines. NW Remedies can mix in one remedy the proper amount of ingredients so that dosing is more evenly applied. And, a single application is easier for dog and owner.

NW Remedies Pet Compounds Mable with Collar of Shame
Mable has multiple health issues with her advanced age but loving care is making her senior years as comfortable as possible. Photo credit: Erica Psaltis

No pet is too small or too large, too tame or too exotic. Rosalee enjoys the animal side of her practice and has completed special training for that purpose. For example, the lab can craft a biphasic (two phase) treatment made with an anti-fungal, anti-bacteria and a steroid for your dog’s otitis, which is an inflammation inside the ear. While the mixture is stored in the refrigerator, it is in a liquid form. A dose can be put into a syringe with a wide tip. A vet can squeeze the compound into your dog’s ear, and as the liquid is warmed by the dog’s body temperature, it become solid and adheres to the edges of the ear canal. This method requires a single treatment, rather than a series of more typical remedies.

NW Remedies has suggestions for caring for wounds that deal with over-licking and expedient healing. They are familiar with mycobacterial infections in dogs and cats, otitis, controlling seizures and behavioral issues. You can consult with your vet and the NW Remedies pharmacist to create an action plan for your specific concerns.

Pets, for many people, are an essential and dear part of the family. Pets are living longer with better quality diets and more attention to their health. Just like for ourselves, we want our pets to have optimal health as long as possible. NW Remedies will work closely with you to solve your pet’s medical concerns whether it is your first kitten, a full-sized horse, an amazing bird or a zoo animal. It is reassuring to know there is local help no matter what ails your beloved pet.

More detailed information on the NW Remedies website.

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