You are dreaming of a wedding reception or Christmas party with crowd-pleasing food. Bayview Catering Food Service Manager Kelly Young has 30 years of experience to help you realize your plans. She also has a good ear to listen to your thoughts and concerns. “People have been catching up on memorials, weddings and reunions,” says Kelly. Believe it or not, the holiday season is sneaking up on us. It’s time to get your details in ink.

Person carry a plate of appetizers
You’ll have fun deciding about appetizers, mains, sides and desserts when you party plan with full-service Bayview Catering. Photo courtesy: Stormans

Bayview Catering offers full-service options. It could be as minimal as picking up food at the store and taking it with you. It can be as elaborate as allowing Bayview caterers to set up your party venue, prepare and serve food, bartend drinks and clean up. Anything in between can be worked out too.

Event Planning Done Right with Bayview Catering

Will your gathering be an intimate gathering with 20 friends or a huge event with 200 guests? Bayview Catering can help. Kelly is happy to meet you in person, or at minimum, have a conversation on the phone. Email works, but sometimes it is more difficult to capture the nuances of peoples’ desires. Additionally, there are so many details that back-and-forth writing can ultimately take more time. Clarity is important and you want it to be right.

Here are Bayview Catering’s tips for event planning:

Secure your Venue

Our community has numerous places that accommodate parties, but popular locations book early and weekends fill more quickly. If it’s at your own home, scheduling will be easier. Often club houses or party venues are able to accommodate only a single event on a given day. Fortunately, Bayview Catering can do multiple events on the same day. Nevertheless, identifying your date and place is essential.

Freshly made Caprese salads on a stick
Freshly made Caprese salads on a stick are one of many appetizer options from Bayview Catering. Photo courtesy: Stormans

Make a Budget

Now you know how much your venue costs, you can consider your other expenses. In addition to food, you can calculate costs for rentals like chairs and tables. How do you want to decorate? What sort of flowers would set the right mood? You will also decide about using real dishes and flatware or disposable ones, which have an effect on total cost. Celebrations partners with Bayview Catering and can help you with these needs.

Food Choices are Plentiful

Bayview Catering has on-hand menus for themed parties such as Hawaiian, Asian and Mexican. You can create your own theme too! Generally, all the food is prepared and cooked off-site, but salmon, chicken, burgers and/or hotdogs can be grilled onsite. Maybe you are having a simple affair with dessert trays and beverages. Perhaps your party will be varied appetizers and drinks. A sit-down dinner can entail everything from soup to nuts. It’s a good idea to consider these as you get ready to meet with Kelly.

Bayview’s catering team will customize your menu to fit your budget and plan for any dietary consideration. Bring your dreams, recipe ideas and enthusiasm and let them build your amazing party.

Let Bayview Catering Reduce Your Event Planning Stress

Bayview Catering worker setting up a plate of food
Full service Bayview Catering can staff your event making sure platters are resupplied and dishes picked up. You can simply enjoy your time. Photo courtesy: Stormans

You’re finally having a party. With a caterer, you won’t have to worry about what’s on the stove, if chafing dishes are being refreshed and who is tidying up. Hot food will be hot and cool food will be kept cool. Helpers can make drinks and cut cake. That means you get to focus on the people you are with and the reason for the party in the first place. It’s okay to have fun at your own celebration. Who wants to wash dishes when the party is over? Bayview Catering will staff your event to get the job done.

Book Your Event Caterers Early

It really is time to think about your upcoming holiday gatherings. Bayview can be part of your Thanksgiving meal. Holiday food trays can be a fun addition to a family gathering, making more time to watch football, visit relatives and relax. Kelly suggests booking parties at least three to four weeks ahead. Certain days may fill up faster than others. Would you be surprised to know that Bayview already has bookings for next August? Don’t panic, but don’t wait too long.

Custom Cakes at Thriftway are a Sweet Ending to Any Event

plates of food on a table
Bayview Catering can prepare, deliver and serve all your food at your next reception, party or holiday gathering. Photo courtesy: Stormans

You’ll have lots of dessert options with Bayview Catering, but you can also order a cake from Classic Creations Cake Artistry and Design at Ralph’s Thriftway. For me, there is nothing quite like a traditional white wedding-style cake (there are other choices, too). Parties are meant for you to have what you want. Eating together, celebrating, remembering and being together are elements we have missed over the past couple of years. Let Bayview Catering be part of your reunions.

Bayview Catering is located inside Bayview Thriftway in downtown Olympia. You can also fill out an online form.

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