Jessie Gliddon Sheri Gliddon

Homeschooled Jessica Gliddon Contributes Her Talents to Grays Harbor’s New Dance...

How would you like to have founding a dance festival on your high school curriculum? And how would you like to do it with...
South Bay coffee sale Tinderbox Coffee Roasters takes over

A Holiday Hand-Off at South Bay Coffee Means More Coffee for...

Seasons change and sometimes so do our favorite businesses. As much as we love continuity—getting our morning caffeine from a barista who knows exactly...



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Grays Harbor Community Hospital Surgical Site Infection Rates Operating Room Staff

Grays Harbor Community Hospital Excels at Infection Control

Surgical site infections account for one-fifth of all infections acquired in hospitals. Most infections are minor, but they can become life-threatening. Fortunately, Grays Harbor...
City of Aberdeen Brewing Beer being poured at Steam Donkey

Downtown Aberdeen Brews Up Specialty Craft Beer Scene

The craft brewing scene has been rapidly on the rise over the past decade all across the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Beer drinkers are...


10 Educational Activities for Kids in Grays Harbor County (That are Fun Too!)

Trying to tear your kid away from an electronic device? Feel like you are losing the battle? Entice your kid away from the screen...
Pony Bridge in Olympic National Park

How to Get in Shape for the Hiking Season

We all dream of standing somewhere awesome this summer, taking in a gorgeous view, but those days seem far off. As the rains of...



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