How To Dig for Razor Clams in Grays Harbor

Digging razor clams on the Washington Coast is one of the true signs of being a resident or frequent visitor of the Evergreen State....
Hoquiam river 1

Discover Hoquiam River History

As we go about our busy days in Grays Harbor, most of us neglect to notice the gentle river flowing silently beside the industrious...



Featured Business

Receive Compassionate Prompt Care at Grays Harbor Community Hospital

Waiting is never fun. But when you’re waiting for medical appointments, tests or results, those hours and days are borderline scary. At Grays Harbor...
Summit Pacific medical center staff-in-mask-

Summit Pacific’s Quality Ambassadors and Staff Adapt to Meet and Exceed...

The COVID-19 pandemic and its many affects have been a learning curve for us all. While many businesses were forced to shutter their doors...


Day Trip grays Harbor kite flying on-beach

Where to Fly a Kite in Grays Harbor

One of life’s simple pleasures is watching a colorful kite soar through the bright blue sky. Since Grays Harbor is located on the coast...
where to build a sandcastle grays harbor sandcastle lady-sings

Where and How to Build a Sandcastle In Grays Harbor County

For many, their earliest memory from a day at the beach includes building a sandcastle, moat and all. Even as adults, the novelty of...



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