In an ongoing effort to ensure access to care for patients throughout the Harbor, Grays Harbor Community Hospital has brought in several new providers over the past few months. These providers increase the care offerings in family medicine, orthopedics and urology.

Katha Gazda, ARNP, Family Medicine

Grays Harbor Community Hospital Katha Gazda ARNP
Katha Gazda is a nurse practitioner specializing in family medicine now accepting patients at the Family Medicine clinic at the Grays Harbor Community Hospital east campus. Photo courtesy: GHCH

In September, Katha Gazda joined Ron Oman, ARNP, at the Family Medicine Clinic located on the third floor of the GHCH East Campus.

After an initial career in the tech industry, Gazda decided to follow a lifelong inclination toward medicine. She worked as a registered nurse in the ER environment for 10 years before returning to school to earn her master’s degree as a family nurse practitioner.

“In the ER, I saw patients at their worst when they came in with exacerbations of their chronic conditions,” explains Gazda. “I decided that I would rather work on preventative care and try to keep patients out of the ER.”

In her work with Family Medicine, Gazda enjoys the opportunity to influence the big picture for her patients. She guides their care both through her own recommendations and also through referrals to the appropriate specialists.

Gazda sees access to quality care as a significant issue for Grays Harbor, as it is in many rural areas. She is thrilled to be a part of the solution in filling that care gap and is currently accepting patients age 12-years-old and up.

Mindy Lewis, DNP, Family Medicine

Grays Harbor Community Hospital Mindy Lewis
Mindy Lewis is a nurse practitioner accepting new patients at the Family Medicine clinic in Montesano. Photo courtesy: GHCH

Mindy Lewis joined the Family Medicine clinic in Montesano in October after completing her doctor of nursing practice (DNP) degree at Murray State University in Kentucky. Prior to earning her DNP, Lewis worked as a registered nurse for 13 years.

For Lewis, the Harbor offers an ideal environment. She loves the beauty of the area and the access to the coast, as well as the opportunity to continue working in rural medicine. Like Gazda, Lewis recognizes the unique challenges that face patients in the Harbor, particularly with limited access to care. She is dedicated to finding innovative approaches to addressing those needs.

“I am working to learn what resources are available to patients in this area,” she says. “The community is so willing to help each other out. For instance, we had patients who were having difficulties obtaining durable medical equipment. We discovered an organization in Ocean Shores that gives away free equipment for patients who need it.”

Lewis conducts clinic hours Mondays through Thursdays in Montesano. She is currently accepting patients five-years-old and up.

Breanne Murray, PA-C, Orthopedics

Grays Harbor Community Hospital Breanne Murray PA
Breanne Murray is a certified physician assistant working at Grays Harbor Orthopedics. Photo courtesy: GHCH

Breanne Murray joined Grays Harbor Orthopedics in October, shortly after graduating from Rosalind Franklin School in Illinois as a certified physician assistant. Prior to graduate studies, Murray worked as an EMT and as an orthopedics technician and earned a degree in Biomedical Sciences.

“I just fell in love with orthopedics,” explains Murray. “I really enjoy surgery and the follow-up care.”

Aberdeen proved to be a perfect fit for Murray and a welcome change from the flatland of the Midwest. She particularly appreciates the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Gregory May.

“Dr. May is awesome to work with. He is a great surgeon and a really good teacher,” she says. “We have a great team here.”

In addition to assisting with surgeries, Murray sees her own patients and handles many of the follow-up and post op appointments. She and Dr. May collaborate closely on their patients, so you will likely have the opportunity to visit with both of them during the course of your orthopedic care.

Majorie Nuñez, NP, Urology

Grays Harbor Community Hospital Nunez
Marjorie Nuñez is a nurse practitioner specializing in urology who recently joined the Urology clinic at Harbor Medical Group. Photo courtesy: GHCH

Marjorie Nuñez moved to Aberdeen in July to join the staff at the Urology clinic. After graduating with a nurse practitioner degree from California State University, Long Beach, she worked with Dr. Charles Best for nearly a decade in Los Angeles. So, when Dr. Best asked her to join his practice here in Washington, she jumped at the chance. The two providers share a patient load and collaborate frequently.

After working initially as a registered nurse and then specializing in family medicine for her nurse practitioner training, Nuñez quickly gravitated to urology. She frequently treats problems such as kidney stones and prostate cancer, as well as urinary incontinence for both men and women. And she urges patients not to be afraid to talk with a urologist.

“Urology is the best,” she says. “Patients come back, and they feel good because they followed your instructions. You see the progress, and it feels great to do something for them.”

Take the Next Step to a Healthier Life

Gazda, Lewis, Murray and Nuñez join a stellar staff of providers at Grays Harbor Community Hospital. To make appointments with any of these providers or to establish care, call 866-537-APPT (2778).


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